ROCHESTER, NY--(Marketwire - Sep 12, 2012) -  Omni-ID, the original patent holder and supplier of high-performance, on-metal passive UHF RFID tags, today announced that it has added two new products to its revolutionary line of UltraThin, flexible on-metal RFID tags and inlays -- the IQ 400 and IQ 600, available for immediate sample delivery.

These UltraThin products provide on-metal and on-liquid tag functionality, within a low profile, easy to deploy label. Supplied in roll form as either finished labels or as an inlay for conversion, the Omni-ID IQ 400 and 600 have been optimized for thermal barcode printers, enabling low cost and hassle-free RFID deployment. Designed to provide the utmost flexibility, these labels are ideal for RFID applications involving metals and liquids such as:

  • Logistics involving metal, produce or packaging
  • IT, office and hospital asset tracking
  • WIP, automotive manufacturing and supply chain

"Omni-ID has once again redefined the standard for both consistency and reliability in on-metal RFID tagging," said Tony Kington, Managing Director of Omni-ID and Chairman of the Board, Omni-ID China Division. "We're pleased to have developed a product that truly enables an endless possibility of new applications and revolutionizes RFID integration into asset tracking, logistics management and supply chain processes. Print, Peel, Stick -- it's just that simple."

Beta customers have been working with production products for several weeks, and the product is available for high-volume orders today with lead times of two to four weeks.

Omni-ID is working with manufacturing and converter partner Yeon Technologies in China and converter partner ADHtech in Europe, along with several in the United States for distribution and conversation of the IQ 400 and 600 labels and inlays.

The IQ 400 and 600 labels and inlays are optimized for on-metal use and utilize the Impinj Monza 4QT chip. Their robust design enables consistent quality in high volumes and truly reliable printing through industry standard RFID printers. Detailed product specifications, applications guides and a video of the labels being deployed via a Zebra printer can be accessed at:

"We're truly excited to be working with Omni-ID on the UltraThin products," said Scot Stelter, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Impinj. "The combination of Omni-ID's engineering expertise and the innovative Impinj Monza 4 chip has led to the development of a simple, easy to deploy, high performance RFID product."

Impinj will be hosting a webinar featuring these ground-breaking Omni-ID products and their applications on October 10, 2012.

Additionally, Omni-ID will be demonstrating the products at the following events this Fall:

  • RFID in High Tech, October 11-12, San Jose CA
  • IAITAM ACE, October 17-19, Palm Springs CA

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Omni-ID is the leading supplier of passive, low profile UHF RFID tags and visual tagging systems for the IT Asset, Tool Tracking, Energy and Manufacturing and Logistics Industries. Omni-ID's original, patented technologies for on-metal and visual tagging enables a broad range of applications to improve asset tracking, supply chain management and work-in-process. Omni-ID's versatile family of products provides a complete range of tags for solving tracking and identification challenges, with unprecedented accuracy, in any environment. For more information, visit

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