BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - Sep 12, 2012) - Moontoast, a leading social marketing, social commerce and analytics company, today announced it continues to broaden its offerings with the launch of a new suite of social activation applications, several new customer wins, and expanded partnerships.

Moontoast is a market leader in social engagement, social commerce, and social analytics. The company's digitally distributable marketing applications and patent-pending social analytics facilitate social marketing and help brands drive social engagement and growth, lead generation, and digital and physical product sales. The company's newest social marketing applications can be distributed anywhere online and load at the point of impression with the user. These interactive applications work in tandem with the Moontoast Social Analytics Suite, which was built from the ground up to deliver critical insights that help clients understand their relationships, relevancy, and results. Customized views allow users to see which messages led to interactions, transactions and endorsements. This suite gives marketers and brand managers a full suite of powerful, social marketing apps that include the ability to self-fund social campaigns through commerce-enablement and to keep users continuously engaged.

"Targeting customers at their point of impression and engaging them to take action are the Holy Grails of effective marketing ROI, and the future holds more location-specific deals, rewards for referrals, public purchasing, and direct purchases in the newsfeed," said Errol Apostolopoulos, VP of Product at Moontoast. "And if the last decade was spent building the social infrastructure to create value for brands, this decade will be spent capturing that value so both consumers and businesses benefit by action and real results."

The Moontoast Social Marketing library of applications include:

Sweepstakes -- The sweepstakes application can be used for any lead generation initiative, such as simple email newsletter signup forms, embedded on a brand's website or affiliate sites, and distributed across social networks, for limited edition purchases, or for new product launches where users can get products for free or before anybody else.

Pin it to Win it -- This application promotes products through the pinning of a selection of merchandise or other prizes. It equips brand offers to spread across Pinterest as fans pin and share to their own networks for a chance to win or redeem rewards.

Voting -- This application rewards fans for giving their unbiased opinion by voting between product designs, destinations, and cover art after being presented with visual options.

Quiz and Polling -- This application rewards fans for engaging in a series of simple questions regarding product or domain relevant inquiries to provide their answers after being presented with options.

Email for MP3 -- This application allows companies to give away a new music single, demo or exclusive interview in exchange for an email address.

Email for Coupon -- Similar to the Email for MP3 application, this one delivers coupons at the end of a submission. 

All of these social marketing applications are tracked by Moontoast's patent-pending Social Analytics Suite to give users critical insight into their performance that helps optimize future campaigns. Moontoast's Social Activation Engine is based on the four stages of fan activation -- discovery, interaction, transaction, and endorsement -- to give people relevant content while providing online marketers the ability to interact and transact with consumers through a series of powerful apps. Moontoast's Social Analytics provide online marketers with intelligence insights to see clear connections between social reach, engagement and transactions with fans, enabling marketers to achieve meaningful business results.

More than 40 Customers:
Moontoast has secured several customers including global and Fortune 500 companies like Procter & Gamble, Time Inc., Simon & Schuster, as well as Universal Music. WaterTower Music, a division of Warner Bros. Entertainment, recently ran a campaign to help support the Hans Zimmer Aurora Colorado victims' donation initiative, which received over 8,000 individual donations in less than two weeks. 

Another customer, Li-Ning, in partnership with the Acquity Group, worked with Moontoast to build awareness and market the sports shoe brand to the US consumer. Piggybacking on the success of the their first running shoe giveaway earlier this year, Li-Ning used the Moontoast social marketing application during the Olympic games in London to grow brand recognition and increase brand preference by offering fans of both the Spanish and Argentina national teams the ability to buy special edition Olympic jerseys of their favorite team. As a result, Moontoast gave Li-Ning the capability to discover and tap into a market of Argentina and Spain fans through social media which previously they would not have been able to expose themselves to through traditional direct media. More information can be found at

Industry Collaboration:
The company has joined forces with several leading software providers that share their vision of creating the world's best-distributed social engagement and commerce solutions, including Demandware, Magento, Mercent, and PayPal. In June, Moontoast was also recognized as a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD). Through access to the Facebook platform's APIs, the Facebook Mobile Platform, and additional support from the Facebook PMD community, Moontoast customers are better able to reach and engage their audience with relevant content and offers as well as measure the results. 

About Moontoast
Moontoast is an emerging leader in social marketing, social commerce and social analytics. Moontoast's Social Activation Engine enables brands to effectively focus their social efforts on relationships, relevancy and results through a library of social engagement and commerce applications distributed on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, blogs and affiliate websites. Brands can directly measure social and transactional results using Moontoast's patent-pending Social Analytics Suite. Gartner Research has named Moontoast a "Cool Vendor" in Music and eCommerce, and Billboard Magazine called Moontoast a "Top Startup of 2011." For more information, visit