WALNUT CREEK, CA--(Marketwire - Sep 12, 2012) - WildPackets, Inc., a leading provider of network and application performance analysis solutions, today announced OmniPeek Network Analyzer 7.0 for wireless. Major features of the product include advancements like multi-channel analysis, roaming detection and latency analysis, an enhanced dashboard to quickly isolate network and application problems, and OmniPeek Remote Assistant, a new remote analysis option that enables wireless analysis from anywhere in the world without leaving your office.

The OmniPeek network analyzer performs deep packet inspection, network forensics, troubleshooting, and packet and protocol analysis of wired and wireless networks. The latest OmniPeek release (7.0) includes the ability to perform multi-channel analysis, capturing data on all channels used in a wireless network simultaneously, without the data gaps typically found in solutions that scan the wireless channels. With this data, advanced analysis can be performed to solve even the most complex issues that often occur when clients are moving within the wireless network.

The new version also includes WildPackets OmniPeek Remote Assistant (ORA). This simple to use program eliminates the need for network engineers to capture WLAN data onsite. Now, non-technical users can capture and collect data on WLANs and email the data to network engineers for deeper troubleshooting and analysis.

"802.11 continues to be one of the hottest areas in network development, with new specifications and new devices being introduced all the time," said Jay Botelho, director of product management at WildPackets. "OmniPeek Network Analyzer 7.0 addresses the network monitoring and analysis needs of the most demanding wireless networks, offering high-level network visualization and detailed analysis and troubleshooting with a single, easy-to-use software platform."

Additional Features Include:

  • Compass dashboard: Provides an overall view of WLAN behavior for users to view all key metrics related to the network and applications in one place, with enhanced features such as signal strength graphing, expert event notifications, and, with a single click, users move from overall WLAN monitoring to detailed analysis
  • Advanced Roaming Detection and Latency Analysis: Ability to identify when wireless clients roam from AP to AP to accurately report on the timing of these transitions for better analysis of time-sensitive services like VoIP
  • Support for the latest IEEE 802.11 specifications: Including 802.11ac, 802.11k, 802.11r, 802.11u, 802.11v and 802.11w

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