NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Sep 13, 2012) - [x+1],, provider of the industry's most complete multi-channel marketing platform, [x+1] Origin 4.0, today announced enhancements to its powerful Origin demand side platform (DSP). POE™ -- [x+1]'s industry-leading optimization engine -- enables the Origin DSP to deliver better media results through improved optimization and more third party data. The [x+1] Origin DSP makes it easy for digital media professionals to scale third-party data, run advanced analytics and create custom audience reports, resulting in more powerful optimization and better overall campaign performance.

"Digital media pros that need to make great decisions around display media know that more data, intelligent optimization and an unobstructed view of what is happening across their campaigns equals better targeting and performance," said John Nardone, chairman and chief executive officer of [x+1]. "The Origin DSP, and POE™ are not a black box. POE™ is more configurable than any other platform. It even respects a client's offer eligibility rules meaning that the targeting intelligence of POE™ is customer-smart."

The Origin DSP features several new or enhanced capabilities including:

Better Data-Driven Optimization:

  • Expanded, prepackaged, white-labeled 3rd party data that aggregates the most important attributes for multi-variate models.
  • Optimizes using a clients' 1st party data.
  • Three-tiered optimization automates segmentation, bid prices, and budget allocation and pacing. 
  • Runs predictive performance analysis on all 3rd party data segments prior to paying for them.

Faster Model Learning

  • Optimization starts before campaign launch.
  • Real-time campaign insights for quicker adjustments.

Improved Transparency for Visible Analytics

  • The model configuration, the model itself and the model diagnostics are transparent, resulting in more insight and understanding of campaign performance at a line item level.
  • Customized reporting output -- to meet the needs of enterprise marketers and agency professionals.

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