SELAH, WA--(Marketwire - Sep 13, 2012) -  Win or lose, after laps around the field, pool or court, kids deserve to be rewarded with a tasty and nutritious snack. Tree Top has prepared some simple tips and snack ideas that will be popular among kids of all ages.


  • Tip #1: Try Shelf-stable, Pre-packaged Options
    While many parents seek to provide minimally processed snacks for their kiddos, it can be a grueling task to prepare homemade items for game days. Additionally, some player parents may not feel comfortable with non-packaged foods. Tree Top makes it easy to provide healthful pre-packaged items with simple ingredients that are sure to please both kids and parents alike.

  • Tip #2: Be Mindful of Food Allergies
    While many parents of kids with allergies may bring alternative snack ideas, it's nice to be sensitive to the team players who might feel left out. The most common food allergies to be aware of include dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts and wheat. Tree Top's apple sauce, apple juice and fruit snacks are free of each of these allergens and provide a safe option for most kids on the field.

Tree Top's best team snack options include reduced sugar 100 percent juice, apple sauce cups, apple juice in convenient juice boxes and fruit snacks, most of which are enriched with vitamin C, an antioxidant that protects against immune system deficiencies and cardiovascular disease.


  • Tree Top Reduced Sugar Juice 100 Percent Juice
    Tree Top Reduced Sugar juices are a unique blend of all-natural 100 percent fruit juices. Each serving contains 25 percent less sugar than other 100 percent juices, without adding artificial sweeteners, and provides two fruit servings per eight ounce glass. The juice is blended with coconut water, another 100 percent fruit juice that is lower in sugar and helps to rehydrate the body with its naturally occurring potassium, sodium and magnesium. Available in both apple and grape, and delicious chilled, parents can bring the 46 ounce bottle and compostable cups for their kiddo and their team mates to enjoy.

  • Tree Top Apple Sauce
    Tree Top Apple Sauce is made with 100 percent U.S.A.-grown apples, and each serving contains 100 percent of the daily vitamin C recommendation. The four-ounce cups are sold in packages of six -- just a few are enough to feed an entire team. With a range of different flavors, including naturally sweetened (no sweeteners or flavoring added) organic, cinnamon and strawberry, there is sure to be one to satisfy the taste buds of each child while appealing to mom's health conscientious side.

  • Tree Top Juice Boxes
    Tree Top Juice Boxes are filled with 100 percent fruit juice and come in several different flavors, allowing kids to choose their favorite, whether it be apple, fruit punch, grape or apple pear. At 6.75 ounces, each juice box provides 100 percent of the daily vitamin C recommendation and gives most kids more than half their fruit servings for the day.

  • Tree Top All Natural Fruit Snacks
    Tree Top Fruit Snacks are available in an 80-pouch box, allowing the product to be distributed over a few games. These gluten-free snacks are made with real fruit juice without artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, while also containing a good source of vitamin C. Individual pouches make this snack the perfect treat for all kids.

About Tree Top
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