NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Sep 12, 2012) - As the majority of consumers are turning to the world wide web to do research on a company, lawyer, accountant, doctor, or just about anybody they are looking to do business with Profile Defenders is finding great opportunities to help out professionals who have wrongfully been criticized or defamed on the internet.

"Prospective clients and customers are turning to their smartphones to teach more about the company they are about to engage or the restaurant they are about to eat at," according to co-founder David Lynn. Thanks to the internet consumers have the edge over businesses. Having the ability to read online reviews, complaints, and learn about any company within a few seconds has really empowered the average consumer.

The issue with this however is that a lot of the online reviews are false and put there by competitors and ex-employees who are trying to ruin somebody's business with black hat and dirty tactics. Bad reviews can implode a business before the owner even realizes what has happened.

An extremely happy client of Profile Defenders had an ex-employee trying to sabotage him on numerous consumer complaint websites which led to an enormously large amount of chargebacks. Once the profile defender team stepped in they were able to eradicate the fake postings by replacing them with truthful, positive, and promotional material which resulted in the client having greater revenues than before his attacker struck.

"Being able to do a 'reputation cleanup' in a timely manner while helping those in need who are having their reputations jeopardized by the day is a real honor," according to the company's principals. Profile Defenders also helps to monitor clients' "internet presence" and can alert clients right away about any potential issues that may damage their reputations.

Profile Defenders reviews each and every client's situation and distributes a customized proposal based on the client's wants and needs. Since the company's inception they have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo! Finance, Entrepreneur Magazine, The Baltimore Sun, The Chicago Tribune, Bloomberg, MSNBC, SFGate, the Houston Chronicle, and many more reputable publications.

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