VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Sept. 13, 2012) - Intrinsyc Software International, Inc. (TSX:ICS) ("Intrinsyc" or the "Company"), a leading developer of intelligent products, announced today that Qualcomm Incorporated's Snapdragon S4 Plus APQ8060A processor is now available as a System-on-Module. OPEN-Q™ System-on-Module (SOM), when combined with the Snapdragon S4 Plus APQ8060A processor based DragonBoard™, creates a production ready platform kit for developers of embedded products, enabling rapid commercial product deployment. Developers of embedded products can now evaluate, develop, test, and deploy products that utilize the Snapdragon S4 Plus APQ8060A processor. Intrinsyc will showcase the DragonBoard and SOM based on Snapdragon S4 Plus APQ8060A processor at the Qualcomm booth #800, at the DesignEast Conference, at the Hynes Convention Center, Boston, MA, from September 17-20, 2012.

Intrinsyc's OPEN-Q System-On-Module (SOM) supports the Linux Android high-level operating system and includes memory, peripherals and a leading edge low power and high performance Snapdragon S4 Plus APQ8060A processor. The Snapdragon S4 Plus APQ8060A processor is a complete system on a chip (SoC), providing an integrated asynchronous dual core CPU, Adreno™ 225 GPU, DSP, HD video compression, multi mega pixel cameras, dual HD displays and wireless connectivity all combined in a module ready for product integration. A System-On-Module approach to development allows embedded developers to get to market faster - avoiding ground-up electronics design without compromising customization.

The DragonBoard based on the Snapdragon S4 Plus APQ8060A processor is a full featured development platform that provides an ideal starting point for creating high-performance, low power products for vertically integrated industries, such as fitness equipment, digital signage, kiosks, video security appliance, medical devices and more. The DragonBoard includes the software tools and accessories required to immediately begin development.

"The Snapdragon S4 Plus APQ8060A processor is ideally suited for vertically integrated products requiring powerful computing, a rich multimedia subsystem in a low power form factor," said Tracy Rees, Chief Executive Officer of Intrinsyc. "We are pleased to work with Qualcomm to expand our product line, support for developers and provide an easier and quicker path to market for embedded product developers with advanced performance requirements. We are especially excited at the opportunity to build derivative products based on the Snapdragon S4 Plus APQ8060A processor."

"With extensive experience in developing industry leading Linux Android based embedded products, Intrinsyc is helping to enable innovation and expand products that will be based on Snapdragon processors," said Tia Cassett, Senior Director of Business Development for Qualcomm. "The OPEN-Q System-on-Module and DragonBoard, combined with Intrinsyc's extensive expertise in Android and embedded product development, will help enable device makers to innovate quickly utilizing the Snapdragon S4 Plus APQ8060A processor."

Users of the DragonBoard will receive product documentation and access to complimentary tools and software updates, as well as receive additional support through Intrinsyc's technical support services. Intrinsyc leverages Qualcomm's advanced power management technologies in the Snapdragon S4 PlusAPQ8060A processors and years of experience optimizing mobile devices to deliver best-in-class power management capabilities to the embedded market. Other value added options include Intrinsyc's iDeviceManager™, a patented, secure, failsafe and feature rich OTA software updater and Intrinsyc's turnkey product development services.

The DragonBoard consists of two components. The Base Kit: includes a Main Board (Snapdragon S4 Plus APQ8060A processor) and Carrier Board (Mini-ITX Form Factor) and will be available for $299 and the Peripheral Kit: (LCD, Antennas, Battery, etc.) is available for $199. The DragonBoard and OPEN-Q System-on-Module based on Qualcomm's Snapdragon S4 Plus APQ8060A processor will be offered for purchase at For additional product information, go to

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