Aristocrat's nLive Virtual Casino Solution Is Part of Company's Mosaic of Ways to Grow Casino Business at G2E 2012

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwire - Sep 14, 2012) - At the upcoming Global Gaming Expo, Aristocrat is bringing together a mosaic of ways for casino operators to grow their business. At Aristocrat, we invent. We imagine. We create the world's greatest gaming experience, every day. The experience begins in the casino and continues online with Aristocrat's industry-leading and award-winning nLive virtual casino solution.

Aristocrat's nLive virtual casino solution helps casinos build player loyalty even when customers are away from the casino. In Aristocrat's nLive virtual casinos, consumers can enjoy their favorite casino brand anytime, practically anywhere whether they're at their desktop, laptop, or on the go with their favorite mobile device.

The nLive online play-for-fun casino is a powerful tool that allows casinos to reach their customers 24/7 through marketing of casino specials, upcoming events, new games, and more; all while the customer experiences all of the fun and excitement of the virtual casino.

nLive is a simple, turnkey solution that empowers operators to take their brand to their players online. In other words, nLive helps properties extend their experience online.

nLive sites, such as, are branded to the casino, not to Aristocrat, so the casino's customers can extend their experience with the property brand they know and trust. nLive virtual casinos have been created for Maryland Live! Casino, Island Resort Casino, and Scioto Downs with several more under development.

nLive's play-for-fun casino offers heads-up or multiplayer Texas Hold'em poker games; new and classic Aristocrat slot games; and multiplayer skill-based games.

The consumer service experience is further enhanced with nLiveLink. With nLiveLink, the property's virtual nLive casino is linked to the land-based casino via the property's existing Oasis 360 casino management system. This new way of doing business gives the casino never-before-available views of player behavior, both in-casino and on-the-go.

With nLiveLink, the casino can now enroll club members online, and enable them to check their balances through the online casino. Operators can easily target marketing to players based on location, or launch in-game promos while players are online. nLiveLink also gives casinos the power to analyze advanced reporting on both land-based and online activity and target players with customized offers. Additionally, nLiveLink empowers operators to learn about their online customer behavior and how it corresponds to land-based behavior.

Aristocrat recently launched an nLive solution for Maryland Live! Casino. After a matter of months, more than 75,000 players had registered, and active players totaled about 5,000 per day. Statistics prove that about half the daily visits are from players who have visited the site nine or more times, indicating strong loyalty. Additionally, more than 20 percent of visits last longer than ten minutes showing the entertainment value to the consumer.

nLive has helped Maryland Live! Casino build a group of convergent players, those with both an online and land based casino player account. These players have a nearly 35 percent higher average daily theoretical win than players that just have a rewards club account, and make up twice as many 500+ ADT players than players who only have a rewards club account.

In addition to nLive play-for-fun online casinos that offer incredible experiences away from the casino, the Aristocrat mosaic includes proven math models; mobile game apps; a host of proven game titles; and Oasis 360, rated the best player tracking system by Goldman Sachs. See how it all comes together at G2E booth #1141 and online at

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