BURTON, MI--(Marketwire - Sep 15, 2012) -  This week Professional Hearing Clinic of Burton, Michigan was featured on Michigan Business Biography sponsored by Industry Visions. Michigan Business Biography is a television news presentation sponsored by Industry Visions on the NBC 25 Morning News. The scope of the program is to present an up-close and personal insight into Michigan entrepreneurs who have developed successful businesses. The program focuses on small family operations that have beaten the odds of failure through perseverance, even when it looked like all was lost. "When people visit a store or purchase something from any business, they have little knowledge of the sacrifices these owners have made for success," said Allyn Mark, host of the program. He also states, "Michigan business owners have put in long hours for little or no pay, oftentimes for months or years! These are the unsung heroes of our economy who make America great. These are the stories that have fallen through the cracks of media coverage. These are the stories that inspire courage for other Michigan entrepreneurs and we are proud to tell their stories."

Professional Hearing Clinic in Burton, Michigan is the lifetime accomplishment of Lindy Chaffins who began her work as a 16 year old volunteer for a high school audiologist. The instant she assisted with hearing tests on her classmates, she knew this was to be her life's work. One of her earliest patients was her father. Lindy urged her father to have a hearing test and she sadly discovered he was suffering from hearing loss. The mold of passion was set for Lindy in helping those she loved and her community by detecting the hearing they were missing. "I have been working with hearing loss for 35 years," said Lindy to Michigan Business Biography. She also stated, "Technology is now so advanced in hearing solutions and cosmetic treatments, no one should walk around with a hearing malady. Hearing loss isn't just an elderly person problem; we deal with hearing loss at all ages and from a wide range of problems. Hearing loss can be caused from everything from noise damage to a loss of circulation from diabetes. At Professional Hearing Clinic we have the latest diagnostic technology to determine where to begin. Our 'Oto Scope' is where we can share a look into our patient's ears. It displays video images on a flat screen TV monitor that shows their ear canal, eardrums and all the fine bones responsible for sound vibration. When we find a solution, I let them try the hearing aids for a week to make sure they are a perfect fit. What's more, we offer them lifetime service with hearing tests on a regular basis to make sure we would catch any subtle changes in their hearing health. We want people to know, Professional Hearing Clinic is a yesterday, today, and tomorrow hearing health firm serving them."

Industry Visions sponsors Michigan Business Biography which airs on the NBC 25 News block mornings between 5:30 and 6:00 am. Industry Visions is the voice of American industry that promotes the lofty endeavors of American business that benefits humanity at home and around the world.  

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