Evzdrop Raises $500K, Debuts New iPhone App to Let People Listen to Places in Real Time

Location-Based Services App Creates New "Interest Network" With Places as the Common Connection Point for Users

Chicago, Illinois, UNITED STATES

CHICAGO, Sept. 26, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Evzdrop, a Chicago-based tech startup that combines location-based technology with a social media platform to connect people to places in real time, announced today the launch of its mobile application and Web platform. The company has raised $500,000 from angel investors to fuel the launch of its new app and expansion to markets across the United States.

With the Evzdrop mobile app and Web platform, users can listen in, or "eavesdrop," on places to get an inside look at any place, exclusively through the people who are present and posting about what is going right now. On-site users can "Drop," or post, real-time reviews or other insightful content limited to 140 characters from places where they stand. This includes stadiums, bars, parks, hotels, stores, airports and restaurants – essentially the places people visit every day where they have opinions and emotions and want to be heard.

Key features of the app include:

  • A 'Stealth' function to allow users to Drop anonymously when they want to be heard but not found
  • Optional photo-sharing capability to bring more color and validity to Drop content
  • Social content sharing via Facebook and Twitter to maximize reach and bring more validity to posts
  • "Props" issued by anyone in the Evzdrop community to the best Drops, pushing them to the top of the list where they will be seen by more users

Moving beyond the common check-in, Evzdrop uses location to give contributors a platform to be heard from a place in real time, allowing only those users who are currently at the location to Drop. Because users have their location verified and Drops can only happen from the place, their opinions and real-time insight carry more weight and authenticity for listeners and businesses.

"We saw an opportunity to use place as a powerful interest graph to unveil insights from strangers or friends that otherwise might not be heard," said David Rush, Evzdrop's co-founder and CEO. "Evzdrop was developed to capture more authentic, real-time feedback that has immediate value to consumers and businesses. One of our primary goals is to bring additional focus and clarity to the overwhelming amount of content created today by focusing on place as the common interest."

Evzdrop represents a growing evolution from the social graph, where experiences are dictated by social connections, to the interest graph, where people are connected by their common interests. Unlike traditional review sites, Evzdrop's mobile app and Web platform provide a real-time snapshot of a location, complete with user insights ranging from parking advice at a concert to real-time feedback about the security line at the airport. A user at a retail outlet, for example, can alert others to a short-notice sale on a product that they might be interested in or when something is out of stock.

Businesses can benefit from Evzdrop, too. Evzdrop's business platform provides access to real-time customer insight, as well as an analytics dashboard that shows key demographic information, conversation volume and sentiment. Businesses can take advantage of Evzdrop's custom campaigns, allowing them to target consumers by location, sentiment, demographic, time of day or other criteria.

Download Evzdrop for free from the iTunes App Store. An Android version of the app is currently in development. For more information about Evzdrop, visit www.evzdrop.com.

About Evzdrop

Evzdrop is a Chicago-based tech startup and location-based interest network that allows people to stay connected to what's happening at places in real time. The free mobile app and Web platform allow users to "eavesdrop" to get an inside look at any place they're interested in through the people who are present and posting about what's going on at any given moment. Businesses can take advantage of Evzdrop's custom campaigns and analytics dashboard to impact in-store experience, engagement and overall customer satisfaction. For more information, visit www.evzdrop.com.

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