SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA--(Marketwire - Oct 2, 2012) - Forbes Korea announced 32 CEOs from companies, NPOs, and educational institutions as '2012 Global CEOs of Korea' in order to reward their efforts to grow their respective organization against global economic recession.

Forbes Korea will be hosting the award ceremony in Seoul Millennium Hilton Hotel and publishing their achievements for other CEOs in Korea.

The following is the winners of '2012 Global CEOs of Korea' and their organization:

  • Yoon-Seob, Kim (CEO of Yhan Corporation.)
  • Yong-Baek, Lee (CEO of Hansae Co., Ltd.)
  • Jang-Ho, Lee (Chairman of BS Financial Group, Inc.)
  • Yong-Hwan, Kim (President of a bank, The Export-Import Bank of Korea)
  • Suh Min (CEO of Nexon Korea Corporation)
  • Yoon-Dai, Euh (Chairman & CEO of KB Financial Group, Inc.)
  • Jun-Yang, Jung (Chairman of POSCO.)
  • Hung-Jib, Choi (CEO of High 1 Resort.)
  • Yong-Ro, Yoon (President, Korea Exchange Bank.)
  • Ji-SONG, Lee (CEO of Korea Land & Housing Corporation.)
  • Yeong-Sik, Park (President of The Catholic University of Korea.)
  • Chung-Ja, Kong (President of NamSeoul University.)
  • Hyeok-in, Kwon (President & CEO of Mine Reclamation Corporation.)
  • Kyong-Soo,Kim (President & CEO of Korea Industrial Complex Corp.)
  • Geon-Young, Kim (Governor of GYEONGSANGBUK-DO.)
  • Chel-Hwan, Lee (Mayor of Dangjin-City)
  • Jae-Myeong, Lee (Mayor of Seongnam City)
  • Myeong-Hyeon, Choi (Mayor of Jecheon City)
  • Seung-Ho, Park (Mayor of Pohang City)
  • Lee-Sik, Hong (Councilor of Hwasun County)
  • ln-Sik, Kim (Chairman & CEO Cherrybro Co., Ltd.)
  • Sun-Kwon, Kim (CEO of Caffebene.)
  • Young-kwi, Kim (CEO of KYK Co., Ltd.)
  • Won-Cheol, Lee (Chairman & CEO of Dmaris)
  • Joo-Ho, Kim (CEO of Amkor Technology Korea, Inc.)
  • Won-Kook, Moon (Chairman & CEO of NRD Co., Ltd.)
  • Ki-Hak, Sung (Chairman & CEO of Youngone Corporation.)
  • Sung-Hee, Kang (Chairman & CEO of CLK Corporation.)
  • Chang-Hwan, Choi (Chairman of Jangsoo Industry Co., Ltd.)
  • Won-Seok, Oh (Chairman & CEO of KFTC.)
  • Bong-Duk, Byun (Chairman of COMMAX Co., Ltd.)
  • Hae-Dong, Bae (Chairman of TONYMOLY.)

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