ANDOVER, MA--(Marketwire - Oct 4, 2012) - Vicor Corporation (NASDAQ: VICR) today announced its participation, on October 2 at INTELEC 2012, in a live demonstration of a higher voltage (400 VDC) power distribution system for telecom and datacenter applications. The highly anticipated demonstration highlighted the benefits and feasibility of higher voltage DC power distribution using commercial-grade, ETSI EN 300 132-3-1-compliant hardware and was facilitated by a group of leading industry vendors.

400 VDC distribution has long been known to offer the potential for reduced losses. Size and efficiency limitations inherent in conventional power conversion technologies, however, have made it impractical to convert these higher DC voltages to the lower voltages needed by electronic equipment. The higher voltage DC power distribution framework demonstrated at INTELEC overcomes these limitations through the use of contemporary power conversion technologies and architectures.

"400 VDC distribution technology promises a host of benefits for telecom and datacenter applications, with the potential for greater conversion efficiency and lower operating costs than conventional power distribution schemes," said Gary Niederpruem, vice president Marketing & Business Development at Emerson Network Power's Energy Systems business, a participant in the live demonstration. "With this demonstration, featuring our NetSure™ 4015 DC Power System, we hope to advance a fruitful industry dialogue focused on the merits and viability of 400 VDC distribution."

"Vicor is committed to enabling next-generation power distribution systems that minimize the consumption and waste of valuable energy resources, while simultaneously reducing power system complexity," said Jeremy Steddom, Business Creation Team Leader, Industrial Market at Vicor. "The successful demonstration of 400 VDC power distribution at INTELEC 2012 represents a significant step toward the realization of highly efficient, higher voltage DC power distribution for high performance applications."

The INTELEC demonstration system featured Vicor's VI Chip® power modules and Factorized Power Architecture® (FPA®). Featuring bus conversion efficiencies up to 97%, and the highest power density and efficiency in the industry, VI Chip power modules are optimized to convert input voltages, up to 400 V, to the lower voltages, such as 12 V or 48 V, needed to power telecom and datacenter hardware. Vicor's Factorized Power Architecture, using VI Chips, enabled architecting power distribution and conversion systems that featured fewer power conversion stages, fit in less space, and exhibited lower losses, than conventional power systems. Reduced losses translate directly into improved system reliability, reduced operating costs, reduced cooling costs and longer battery back-up without system de-rating.

To access the whitepaper on higher voltage DC distribution architectures for telecom and datacenter applications presented at INTELEC, and/or to watch a video replay of the 400 VDC demonstration hosted at INTELEC 2012, visit

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