HORSHAM, PA--(Marketwire - Oct 4, 2012) - Human Resource Executive® magazine, the premier publication focused on strategic issues in HR, today announced the winners of its Top HR Products of 2012 Award. The winners will be recognized at a special luncheon on Monday, Oct. 8, 2012, during the 15th Annual HR Technology® Conference & Exposition at the West Building of Chicago's McCormick Place. Judged by editors of Human Resource Executive® magazine, the top products are selected based on their innovation, user-friendliness and value to the HR profession.

The magazine's top choices for HR products will also be detailed in an upcoming issue of Human Resource Executive® magazine.

The winning products are:

Enterprise Talent Community
Ascendify, San Francisco

While most applicant-tracking systems are built with features that benefit the recruiter, this product takes the path less chosen and focuses on maximizing the candidate's job-search experience. The result? Not a replacement for the traditional ATS, but a social-recruiting platform that instead works with one, designed to help organizations build talent communities by leveraging social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+, among others. Among the user-friendly features, the Job Seeker Dashboard allows candidates to monitor the status of the jobs they have applied to, see the ratings that hiring managers have given them and track how many candidates are competing for the same job.

Employment Technologies Corp., Winter Park, Fla.

getEASyView.com is an advanced automated virtual interview platform that enables hiring managers to quickly conduct and customize an interview, ask job applicants to complete it and then evaluate, compare and even share responses. It combines a virtual reviewer, structured interview questions and voice-capture technology. getEASyView.com requires no software because it is delivered via Web browser and telephone. www.etc-easy.com

HireVue Mobile App™
HireVue Inc., Salt Lake City

As its name suggests, HireVue Mobile App moves its solutions over to the world of smartphones and iPads so candidates can interview for a job anytime, from anywhere. The app is fairly straightforward: Employers are able to share a universal link or QR code using HireVue's OpenVue feature. Candidates can then download HireVue's app, click on the link and begin the interviewing process using their iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android devices. As with its other solutions, the completed interviews can be reviewed and shared with others; and employers have the ability to produce and launch customized branding, as well as welcome and thank-you videos. Employers are able to access the interviews -- which include video responses as well as responses to multiple-choice and essay questions -- through HireVue's Digital Interview Platform.

Monster Worldwide, New York

Released in July 2011, SeeMore is a cloud-based platform that uses Monster's 6Sense semantic-search technology to manage a company's resume databases. Employers are able to use the product to search through various talent pools (job boards, social networks and Applicant Tracking Systems) in order to identify and access talent. It utilizes the company's 6Sense technology to understand the concepts and context in skills, experience and education to find and rank candidates who otherwise might be missed. Users can also connect to third-party applications or widgets using Monster's API.

Fluency on the Move -- Suite of Mobile Talent Applications
Peoplefluent, Waltham, Mass.

Fluency on the Move is a suite of talent-management applications that enables executives and managers to perform a range of duties on the move. The suite includes three apps: Workforce Explorer, Jot Note and Compensation Manager. Workforce Explorer provides users with anywhere, anytime access to key talent profiles through their mobile devices, incorporating gamification elements to improve the experience. Jot Note allows managers to enter feedback through those devices at the time events take place. And Compensation Manager enables managers to make "off-cycle" salary adjustments, access key market salary information and compensation analytics, and review budgets. Solutions are priced on a per-employee and per-app basis.

Qualtrics 360
Qualtrics, Provo, Utah

Qualtrics 360 is a global repository for employee evaluations and measurement tools. Companies can use it in a variety of ways: to design employee evaluations from scratch, access a library of off-the-shelf assessment resources for innovative ideas, combine elements from various evaluations into one, or even buy an evaluation offered by another company. CEO video messages, graphics or audio messages can also be incorporated into the assessment. Likewise, users can define specific competencies that need to be measured, develop their own evaluation criteria and either create their own list of assessment questions or choose them from a long list developed by academics.

Scavado, Denver

Scavado is a web-based platform that enables recruiters to find passive candidates online and build a pipeline of prospects to recruit by pulling from many different areas of the web, including business networks, social profiles, posted resumes and CVs, employee profiles, trade associations, alumni groups and press releases. But beyond just simple Internet sourcing, the product also allows users to bookmark search results, build out profiles with contact information and save everything into a pipeline report that can be managed in Scavado or exported and shared with business leaders.

Coaching Management System
Scout OnDemand, Los Angeles

Scout OnDemand's Coaching Management System is a stand-alone web-based system offering a configurable workflow-automation process for coaching across any size organization. Each coaching "engagement," as it's called, follows a milestone-based, permission-protected path from coach selection to stakeholder interviews to goal setting and management of the sessions themselves to, finally, an evaluation of the effectiveness of the completed coaching process. The system is built on a multi-person architecture so all relevant participants can be engaged appropriately and at the right time in the coaching process without compromising coach-client confidentiality. It also enables coordination, through a management dashboard, between the company's central coaching-leadership team, HR business partners serving as "engagement managers," clients, and their managers and coaches -- internal or external. www.scoutondemand.com

StartWire, Lebanon, N.H.

Startwire's ApplicationConnect is a free widget for employers to use on their corporate career sites and/or Facebook recruiting pages. It provides immediate, efficient communication between job seekers and hiring organizations, allowing recruiting professionals the ability to easily update applicants and receive feedback. ApplicationConnect gives hiring organizations access to a Web dashboard that allows them to review applications, dates, statuses and applicant feedback. As noted, there is no charge for use by either job seekers or hiring organizations.

Visier Workforce Analytics
Visier Inc., Vancouver, Canada

An end-to-end, cloud-based application designed for the HR professional to easily identify and improve the return-on-investment of their organization's human capital, this winner also harnesses the power of visualization of information in helping to answer the most critical and fundamental questions about their workforce. It utilizes predictive capabilities based on clustering algorithms to identify common trends, which can be used to, for example, predict the workers with the highest risk of leaving the organization, or to fine-tune recruiting strategies to find the right people likely to develop into top talent. It also includes a simple capture-to-slide workflow that allows for any visual to be integrated into a PowerPoint presentation with a single click, and the presentations can then be refreshed, downloaded or viewed online in an interactive viewer that allows executives to interact with the data rather than simply viewing a static or paper report.

"For more than two decades, Human Resource Executive® has recognized those companies that create groundbreaking products that truly improve and enhance the way HR professionals do their jobs. Our judges reviewed many inventive solutions this year and had the very difficult task of selecting just a handful to be recognized at the conference. We congratulate all ten of the Top HR Products of 2012 Award winners and are pleased to recognize them for achieving excellence in the field of HR technology," stated David Shadovitz, founding editor of Human Resource Executive® and co-chair of the conference.

About the HR Technology® Conference
Now in its 15th year, the HR Technology® Conference & Exposition is the annual Town Meeting of thousands of professionals from around the world who gather to share their expertise and challenges in all forms of technology for HR. In addition to senior HR practitioners, every major industry analyst, consultant, blogger, and vendor regularly attends. This year's event will focus on a number of topics, including how the combination of Cloud Computing, Social in the Enterprise, Analytics (including Big Data) and Mobile is ushering in a new era in computing.

More details about the HR Technology® Conference & Exposition can be found at http://www.HRTechnologyConference.com.

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