BOULDER, CO--(Marketwire - Oct 8, 2012) - RoundPegg, Inc., bringing metrics to the nebulous world of company culture, announced today that it will share details of its innovative culture analytics solutions at the 15th Annual HR Technology® Conference & Expo. Defining a new category in HR, RoundPegg will highlight the value of creating a well-aligned culture, in terms of driving employee performance, increasing engagement and decreasing turnover.

RoundPegg helps executives understand both their company's unique culture and the various sub-cultures in order to drive business performance. Applications at each stage of the employee lifecycle -- from hiring for culture fit, to employee development and employee engagement -- allow companies to pull the biggest levers to ensure every employee is not only pulling in the same direction, but pulling hard.

RoundPegg combines the latest in management and organizational design research and psychological practices by identifying the unique core values, conflict values and sub-cultures. The company facilitates data-driven culture discussions through machine learning algorithms that gradually adjust candidate fit over time to progress toward the goal of being a strong, well-aligned culture.

During the HR Technology® Conference & Expo, RoundPegg experts will be on hand to demonstrate how the RoundPegg Culture Suite enables organizations to drive business results and make better informed decisions by quantifying the ROI of culture. The RoundPegg Culture Suite includes the following:

  • CulturePegg - A seven-minute company culture survey measures an organization's true culture from the bottom up, allowing executives to understand their culture and receive actionable information to increase alignment.

  • HirePegg - HirePegg provides customized behavioral interview guides for every candidate that quantitatively highlight how the applicant fits to the company and team culture as well as how their differences may play out positively or negatively.

  • TeamPegg - TeamPegg enables managers to tailor their style in order to get the most from every report on the team. A coaching guide with prescriptive actions for how to bridge the differences between team members and leverage their unique strengths is available for every direct report.

  • EngagePegg - Through the gamified use of pulse surveys and feedback, EngagePegg provides managers with custom recommendations to improve engagement, based specifically on the cause of the disengagement and the team's unique values.

"RoundPegg is not an assessment company. RoundPegg is a culture intelligence company that uses assessments to drive business results. We recognize that each company has its own drivers of success, and that focusing on hiring alone won't improve a culture in the long run. Our company revolutionizes the HR function by helping organizations understand their cultures and how to hire people who match the culture, and then how to lead them and how best to engage them. We are proud to be defining this segment of HR and look forward to sharing our innovative culture analysis solutions with the audience of the HR Technology Conference®."

RoundPegg will be exhibiting its solutions at Booth No. 976 at the HR Technology® Conference & Exposition, held October 8-10, 2012 at Chicago's McCormick Place. Visitors to the relaxation-themed booth can receive a massage while discussing culture with the company's experts.

About RoundPegg

RoundPegg brings ROI to culture. Combining the best in management and organizational design research with Psychological practices to help you get custom feedback for every single employee in order to bring out their best. The research around Person-Environment fit is clear. Those who fit the culture, team and manager perform better, stay longer and are more committed to the organization.