WOODSTOCK, GA--(Marketwire - Oct 8, 2012) -  PeopleClues, an industry leader in workplace assessments, today announced the release of the latest version of ACE, its Automated Candidate Experience engine. Designed to improve the experience candidates have when they apply to a job, a process which often leaves them in the dark about the status, ACE enables companies to show that they appreciate the time candidates put into applying for their jobs by including communication, courtesy and respect in the candidate experience.

A recent survey conducted by The Talent Board shows that 40 percent of surveyed job candidates received no contact from employers after they had submitted an application. Such a lack of communication, combined with a lengthy or cumbersome applications process, contributes to a poor candidate experience, which can have a disastrous impact on the company's sales, reputation and bottom line. However, when companies communicate with their candidates throughout the process, they demonstrate that they value their candidates' time and effort while promoting a stronger employment brand.

PeopleClues already provides one of the fastest and most reliable assessment experiences on the market to minimize the time candidates spend on the assessment component. With the latest release of ACE, the company further enhances its value to clients by offering a simple and automated method for giving candidates the information they desire via an improved candidate experience. Through a robust candidate dashboard, ACE gives candidates critical tips that will help them improve their interview performance and learn how to better present their unique strengths. Reactions from employers who have already used ACE report that candidates find the ACE report to be accurate and helpful in their job search. Employers can now elect to include this industry-changing technology and information engine as part of their PeopleClues' pre-employment selection assessment process.

Any candidate who completes the PeopleClues assessment will receive the ACE "Career Trait Profile," which is calibrated with objective science to provide candidates with personalized information on how they can advance their careers. Candidates receive a report presented via text and video narrative that gives suggestions in three areas to help them understand their key traits, learn how to market themselves and offers advice for how they can better highlight their strengths.

"When candidates apply to a job, they take the time to show how their experience can positively impact the employer, and they become frustrated or insulted when they don't hear anything in return," said PeopleClues president, Julie Moreland. "However, when employers provide valuable information to candidates, even those who are no longer being considered, on how they can improve their career search, they show that they appreciate the time and effort it takes to apply to their positions. By offering ACE as part of our assessments, we are helping countless clients to improve their candidate experience and their brand image they convey to job seekers."

To further promote the benefits of providing applicants with a positive candidate experience, PeopleClues has made its new white paper, "C'mon Get Happy: Create a People-Pleasing Candidate Experience and Showcase a Positive, Progressive Employment Brand," available for complimentary download: www.peopleclues.com/white-papers/pdfs/PeopleClues-CandidateExperienceWhitePaper.pdf.

About PeopleClues
PeopleClues is a global provider of employment assessments for measuring job fit, attitude and level of engagement for candidates and employees. These assessments are built for pre-employment screening, career development, team development as well as training and development. Based in Woodstock, Georgia, PeopleClues provides the assessment tools that allow thousands of companies in 8 countries to make better hiring and training decisions. PeopleClues has also recently launched an industry game changer with its "ACE" "Automated Candidate Experience" product providing Clients a huge strategic advantage in allowing their candidates who have taken the assessments to instantly receive personalized feedback on how to improve the way they present themselves in their resume and interview. PeopleClues strategic partners include PeopleMatter, Insperity (formerly known as Administaff), CareerBuilder, Bond International (formerly known as VCG Software), Success Performance Solutions, Reliant, Prophecy Healthcare and Getting Hired. For additional information, contact info@peopleclues.com or visit www.peopleclues.com.