MISSION, KS--(Marketwire - Oct 9, 2012) - (Family Features) If your dishwasher is turning out dull, spotty dishes -- leaving you frustrated and annoyed -- you're not alone. Spotty and cloudy dishes are a common nuisance for many dishwasher owners across America.

In fact, a recent survey from the makers of OxiClean® found that people experience spots and cloudy film on their dishes straight out of the dishwasher an average of five times per month, and 70 percent felt annoyed or frustrated because they didn't know the cause.

The battle of dull dishes has left many Americans wasting excess time and money by changing their detergent (49 percent) or rewashing by hand (47 percent).

But what many don't know is that the spots are probably caused by the removal of a key grime-fighting ingredient from detergents -- phosphates. In 2010, dishwasher detergent manufactures were forced to rework their formulas because of environmental concerns, as required by State laws passed in over a dozen states. While the new formulas may be gentler on the planet, some are lacking in cleaning power. 

Despite the formula changes, dishwasher owners can still be spared the domestic dread of cloudy and spotty dishes and achieve sparkling and pristine dishware right out of the dishwasher.

To save time and avoid rewashing by hand, try these simple tips for sparkling clean dishes and glasses:

Boost your detergent's performance. Let your dishes shine by giving your dishwasher detergent a boost of extra power with a product such as OxiClean® Dishwashing Booster. To restore the sparkling appearance of your dishes in just one wash, add two squirts to the bottom of the dishwasher. For ongoing use, fill the rinse agent dispenser with Dishwashing Booster about once a month to keep dishes clean and spot free, wash after wash. Learn more at www.oxiclean.com.

Properly load your dishes. To optimize cleaning, load the dishwasher so that dishes are facing in toward the center, and in line with the jets. Glasses, plastic and small items should be placed on the top rack facing downward, and large items like pots, pans and dinner plates should be placed on the bottom rack along the sides.

Whether you're hosting an intimate get-together or throwing a grand soiree, adding a dishwashing booster and properly maintaining your dishwasher can help ensure your dishes come out sparkling clean with each wash. Rest assured your smile will be gleaming as bright as your dishes.

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