LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - Oct 9, 2012) - Ozoshare, the first social network connecting the green world, today announced the findings of a commissioned study titled, "Government Involvement: Furthering the Green Movement." The results of the survey reveal perceptions from a cross-section of Americans (Republicans, Democrats and Independents) and how they see government's role in furthering the green movement. The results are based on a September 2012 electronic survey of U.S. residents across all 50 states.

According to PolitiFact, a political fact-checking organization that monitors Congress, the White House, lobbyists and interest groups, the U.S. government has had both successes and failures when it comes to furthering the green movement.(1) In terms of keeping green campaign promises, the current administration has succeeded in terms of raising fuel economy standards, establishing programs to convert manufacturing centers into clean technology leaders and requiring 10 percent of electricity to come from renewable energy by 2012. Areas where the government has not met initial goals include the creation of a low carbon fuel standard, elimination of oil and gas tax loopholes and the establishment of Green Energy Corps to promote green energy in developing countries.

With Americans directly impacted (either financially or environmentally) by the successes and failures in the green movement, Ozoshare surveyed a cross-section of Americans to get their perceptions on how active or inactive government has been when it comes to the green movement. Survey participants were also asked to what extent the government should or should not promote green initiatives and what areas should receive the highest priority. Key findings of the survey included the fact that more than 72% of respondents indicated that nationwide interest in the green movement is on the rise. 67% of respondents feel that government should be involved in furthering the green movement and 62.7% of respondents feel that the government has been more active in furthering the green movement over the past four years. The full results of the survey are as follows:

Survey Results (Finalized 9/30/2012)

  • Should the government get involved in promoting green initiatives?
    • Yes: 67%
    • No: 20.7%
    • Not sure: 12.1%
  • Has the U.S. Federal government been more or less active over the past 4 years in furthering green incentives?
    • More: 62.7%
    • Less: 15.3%
    • Not sure: 22%
  • Of the following areas, where have you seen the most success in green initiatives over the years?
    • Green energy: 44.1%
    • Green building: 40.7%
    • Environmental conservation: 27.1%
    • Green living: 25.4%
    • Wildlife conservation: 10.2%
    • All of the above: 11.9%
    • None of the above: 15.3%
  • What areas do you think the government should focus its resources on, in order of importance?
    • Green energy: 48.1%
    • Green building: 43.4%
    • Green living: 38.9%
    • Environmental conservation: 38.9%
    • Wildlife conservation: 34%
  • Do you think that consumer interest in the green movement is increasing, decreasing or holding steady?
    • Increasing: 72.4%
    • Decreasing: 6.9%
    • No change: 20.7%
  • Where do you think government can improve in terms of furthering green initiatives?
    • Green energy: 29.8%
    • Green building: 21.1%
    • Environmental conservation: 19.3%
    • Green living: 15.8%
    • Wildlife conservation: 14%
    • All of the above: 43.9%
    • None of the above: 8.8%
  • How should the government promote green initiatives?
    • Financial incentives: 50.8%
    • Education-only approach: 32.2%
    • Penalties for non-compliance: 22%
    • All of the above: 32.2%
    • None of the above: 8.5%

Overwhelmingly, Americans view green energy as an area where the most improvements have been made by the government and where it should continue to focus its efforts. However, green building and environmental conservation also ranked high in terms of where the government should place priority. On the other hand, those are also the three areas where survey respondents indicated they would like to see the most improvements. A large percentage of respondents (43.9%) felt that government should focus on multiple areas in addition to those listed above to include green living and wildlife conservation. The insinuation here is that there is a finite pool of shared resources that the government and its citizens should place a priority on protecting.

"What is important about this survey is that, regardless of political persuasion, the overwhelming majority of survey respondents believe that the green movement is growing and that government should play an active role in furthering the movement," said Thomas Smith Jr., President, Ozoshare. "While education and financial incentives should be a part of the government's plan, the overarching point here is that it is imperative for the U.S. to become a greener and more socially responsible society in order to ensure long-term health and survival of life on earth."

This survey was commissioned on behalf of Ozoshare, the first social network connecting the green world. Visit: www.ozoshare.com and join others in furthering the green movement. To receive a full copy of the research results, please email jaustin@theventanagroup.com.

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(1) PolitiFact, Promises about Energy on the Obameter, http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/promises/obameter/subjects/energy/

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