QUEBEC CITY, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Oct. 9, 2012) - De Marque, a leader in the field of digital publishing established in Quebec City for the past 20 years, has announced that it has just entered into partnership with Apabi, China's leading eBook platform.

Through this partnership, De Marque continues to make headway on the international market. "We are proud to include Apabi as a valuable asset in the sales channel network that we offer to the publishers of Cantook, our ebook distribution platform. Moreover, Apabi will act as an intermediary with other Chinese public and institutional resellers," explains De Marque President Marc Boutet. "There are millions of French - and English - speaking people living in China who will thus be granted easier access to the books distributed by De Marque."

De Marque also plans to contribute to the Cloud Publishing Alliance, which was implemented by Apabi to facilitate access to books through a greater number of points of sale throughout the Republic of China.

The partnership is an important commercial opening for Canadian books thanks to a network that is especially well established in Chinese institutions, notably in its libraries. "Apabi emerged as a trusted partner for making our first entry into the Chinese market and we intend to take this partnership one step further in the upcoming months," Marc Boutet adds.

"It is very meaningful that Chinese readers could have access to more and more high-quality ebooks in foreign languages," said HeSiJia, General Manager, Apabi. "We are committed to a convenient and quick delivery of digital content and the partnership with De Marque will further expand our global cooperation network as well as enrich the digital resources on our platform."


De Marque is a leader in the field of cultural digital content distribution, in particular digital books. The company has enjoyed sustained growth and relies on both Cantook - its cutting-edge technology platform - and a strategy based on the development of partnerships with key players in each of the markets it has entered.


Beijing Founder Apabi Technology Ltd. ("Founder Apabi" hereafter) is a leading provider of Digital Publishing technology and service under Founder Group. Founded in April 2006, Founder Apabi was previously the digital content department of Beijing Founder Electronics Co., Ltd., which was established in 2001. Taking advantage of Founder's traditional publishing & printing technologies, Founder Apabi has developed digital publishing technologies and comprehensive solutions, and has become a global leading provider of the digital publishing technologies.

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