FORT WORTH, TX--(Marketwire - Oct 9, 2012) - UMED Holdings, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: UMED), a Texas Corporation, through its unique breakthrough in portable Gas-To-Liquids-Fuel (GTLF) technology, opens new markets in the energy business. The cleanliness of the process, along with purity and energy density of the output product, will exceed all other Fischer-Tropsch (FT) processes known in operation today.

UMED's technology will influence the downstream energy market by producing, in high yield, a cleaner diesel or jet synfuel free of sulfur, paraffin, and wax. The technology requires little or no post-production refining while traditional FT approaches have not been very efficient processes and tend to produce a wide-range of linear hydrocarbons ranging from naphtha's to waxes. Once blended, UMED's GTLF production fuels can be put into diesel or jet engines and burned hygienically in unmodified existing engines.

Historically looked upon as little more than a nuisance, natural gas is often vented or flared off (combusted) into the atmosphere at or near the well production site. The new technology will enable gas producers in the midstream market to eliminate this flaring process and lead to more efficient gas gathering systems.

The World Bank estimates that over 150 Billion cubic meters of natural gas are flared or vented annually, equivalent to 25% of natural gas consumption in the US, or 30% of European Union's (EU) gas consumption. Over time, UMED's GTLF technology would have a significant impact on this waste of important energy resources and relieve the world's reliance on crude oil.

Kevin Bentley, UMED CEO, said, "Instead of wasting this valuable resource, our technology will make use of the flared gas to improve energy efficiency and mitigate negative climate change."

Conrad Greer, Vice President of Research and Engineering, said, "The portable aspect of the technology offers gas producers tremendous flexibility in the upstream market. Overlooked or ignored gas fields can now be converted into liquid based fuels that will fit perfectly into existing industrial infrastructures without requiring re-engineering of that infrastructure."

Natural gas represents a global energy resource similar in size to that of crude oil. Proven US reserves are estimated at 245 trillion cubic feet. UMED management believes their GTLF technology is the perfect match to solve the US dependence on foreign crude imports while monetizing its own remote and stored gas reserves.

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