EASTON, MA--(Marketwire - Oct 10, 2012) - In just over a year and a half since Sunco's headquarters crumbled under the weight of accumulated snow, the owners of the company have rebuilt a 150,000 sq. foot state of the art production facility to house their new venture, Eastman St. Woodworks. Named for the street where it is located in Easton, Massachusetts, this new line of high-end kitchen and bath cabinetry is assembled and locally manufactured using 100% domestically sourced materials. The company's goal is to provide local and regional contractors, builders, and retailers with a New England based manufacturer.

Sunco, Inc., founded in 1983 by Linda and William Sun, manufactures value priced, all wood construction kitchen and bath cabinetry. The company is currently owned and operated by David Sun, who is continuing the Sun family's legacy in cabinetry manufacturing

On February 2, 2011, the date of the incident, local news affiliates were able to capture in real time the total collapse of the Sunco headquarters. Part of the building initially collapsed, and midway through the news report, what remained of the Sunco roof buckled and fell to the ground. The videographer fumbled with a cloth to wipe the raindrops off the camera lens to record it more clearly. All those who were working inside the building that day made it out. Across the country, the web, and the world, many watched this horrific scene.

Sunco employees were interviewed shortly after the disaster by Maria Papadopoulos of Enterprisenews.com. They spoke of how their " ...hearts were pounding, we were just petrified running through the building... you could hear the ceiling crackling. We were just afraid it was going to fall right on top of our heads."

Wasting no time after this catastrophic event, Sunco announced the following: that it would commit to rebuilding its headquarters, try to keep as many of its employees working, and to bring manufacturing to Easton. After a year of careful research, planning, and construction, Eastman St. Woodworks is now in full operation and launches its line nationally this month.

Eastman St. Woodworks "Quarter Custom Cabinetry" describes their new line as offering the best features found in those in the higher end semi-custom and custom cabinet lines, blending the most important aspects of each category and combining them into a single product with a focus on beauty, value and quality. Popular features like design modifications, all wood construction, native hardwood species like maple and cherry, as well a variety of door styles and painted finishes are available. 

According to David Sun, "Our mission is to provide quality and value in the high-end cabinet market by focusing on the core essentials of what consumers and home owners want in their kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. By taking the mystery and skepticism out of cabinet shopping, we provide our customers with the best quality and styles for the best value."

Eastman St. Woodworks is located at 35 Eastman Street, Easton, MA. For more information, please contact Shillock Sun at 508-238-5100, extension 161 or visit the company website at www.eswoodworks.com.

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