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CopperEgg Launches RESTful API for Monitoring Automation and Orchestration

Open Management API Enables Software-Defined Monitoring and Rapid, Highly Scalable Monitoring Deployments

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - Oct 18, 2012) - CopperEgg, Corp., a cloud monitoring and analytics company, today announced availability of a RESTful API, providing open programmatic access for automating and orchestrating server monitoring, website uptime analysis, and cloud infrastructure management. The CopperEgg API enables software-defined monitoring through seamless DevOps integrations with automation tools such as Chef and Puppet, creating blazing fast and highly scalable monitoring deployments.

"Software-defined monitoring has become a de facto requirement for cloud-based businesses," said Bob Quillin, CEO of CopperEgg. "These organizations have already embraced software-defined methodologies -- to create, manage, and control their server instances and applications -- and the new CopperEgg API enables them to integrate monitoring directly into their operations with an equivalent and granular level of control."

The new CopperEgg RESTful API connects CopperEgg's SaaS-based real-time monitoring of servers, websites, and web applications to automation tools, scripts, and orchestration tools, providing the ability to create, modify, delete, annotate, alert, and tag monitored elements. For example, as customers spin up new servers, they can automatically configure server monitoring plus create corresponding website probes to monitor and correlate uptime, response time and health for the application running on the production cluster.

"The Puppet and CopperEgg API integration enables you to automatically install the CopperEgg service and create monitoring probes," said Teyo Tyree, VP of Business Development at Puppet Labs. "With the CopperEgg module freely available on Puppet Forge, administrators of CopperEgg can extend automation throughout their infrastructure."

Additional CopperEgg API usage examples include:

  • Extracting performance sample data for offline analysis
  • Creating or editing alerts
  • Defining website monitoring probes
  • Generating annotations to record configuration changes in tools such as Jenkins or Github

Full API documentation and sample code are available at and an API cheat sheet is located on the CopperEgg website.

About CopperEgg
CopperEgg next-generation cloud monitoring provides simple, smart, and fast insight into the performance, quality, and availability of websites, web applications, servers, and systems. Our SaaS-based server monitoring, website monitoring, and cloud analytics deliver immediate intelligence into critical cloud performance problems, correlated visibility into developing trends, and split-second decision support for organizations of all sizes. CopperEgg products are simple to try, install, use, and grow. Our scalable, big data monitoring platform maximizes visibility, minimizes false alarms, and optimizes performance fidelity. CopperEgg is backed by Silverton Partners and based in Austin, Texas.

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