NEW YORK, NY and PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwire - Oct 23, 2012) - (O'REILLY STRATA + HADOOP WORLD) -- Continuuity launched from stealth today to ignite the next generation of Big Data application development. Unveiling the industry's first Big Data application fabric, the Continuuity Big Data AppFabric™, Continuuity makes it fast and easy for any developer to build, deploy, scale and manage Big Data apps. Delivered as a Big Data application Platform as a Service (PaaS), Continuuity's solutions take full advantage of the elastic scalability, ability to abstract infrastructure complexity and agility only possible in the cloud. Packaged in three flavors -- Single-node Edition, Private Cloud Edition and Public Cloud Edition -- Continuuity provides a cloud-based application runtime platform and a suite of one-of-a-kind developer tools, simplifying the entire Big Data application development lifecycle. It allows developers and companies to focus on the development of Big Data applications instead of worrying about assembling complex infrastructures or managing distributed systems. Featuring visually rich UIs, simple APIs, push-button deployment from the developer's local machine to the cloud and dynamic scalability to meet application demands, Continuuity opens the opportunity for developing Big Data apps to all developers leveraging their existing skills.

"So far Big Data has been a data play. But as Big Data becomes more operational, there will be the need to have a repeatable model for developing applications that run against it," said Tony Baer, principal analyst at Ovum. "Continuuity's Big Data application fabric makes the middle tier relevant to Big Data. It applies the same principles that allowed Java developers to scale enterprise applications to the multi-tiered, highly distributed environment of the Web. It allows Java developers to do what they do best -- build repeatable applications that allow enterprises to incorporate Big Data into their operations."

Built by developers for developers, Continuuity makes Big Data accessible so big ideas can be turned into Big Data applications. The Continuuity AppFabric is built on top of existing open source Hadoop infrastructure components while shielding developers from their complexity, making it easy to deploy, develop and scale applications. Revolutionizing the developer experience, Continuuity provides tools and building blocks to create applications quickly and deploy them to the Continuuity Big Data AppFabric. The AppFabric is available as a hosted cloud platform or can be integrated with an existing Hadoop/HBase installation.

"Continuuity enabled our developers to easily build, deploy, scale and run our app without worrying about standing up and managing a Big Data infrastructure," said Sean Pudney, VP Engineering at Payvment. "Thanks to Continuuity, we were able to slash time to market for a Big Data app that processes real-time signals from millions of people across the Web to power our social e-commerce discovery destination,"

Continuuity Developer Suite Lets Developers Take Their Big Idea and Turn It Into a Big Data App
Continuuity Developer Suite consists of a free, downloadable, fully featured single node edition of the Continuuity AppFabric and a Software Development Kit (SDK). It allows developers to build applications in their IDE, run, test and debug them on their local machines, and when ready, "push to cloud" with a single click. The Software Development Kit (SDK) makes creating Big Data applications blazing fast with higher level APIs, libraries that enable developers to easily model and manipulate common data patterns, tooling, tutorials and documentation.

Continuuity Cloud Editions Enable an Explosion of Big Data Applications
Continuuity Private Cloud Edition, currently available in private beta, enables developers to quickly and easily deploy their Big Data apps to a single tenant, private cloud PaaS. Continuuity Public Cloud Edition, targeted for availability next year, allows them to deploy their Big Data apps to a hosted multi-tenant, self-service cloud PaaS that will support capacity on demand.

From Dev to Ops: Continuuity Delivers The Only Unified Developer Experience
With Continuuity, it's not just about development or just about the runtime -- it's both. Continuuity is the only solution on the market that offers a unified developer experience across the entire application development lifecycle, enabling the same developer to seamlessly take an application from development to production. Once applications are deployed, Continuuity's rich user interface gives insights into applications as they run in the cloud, indicating all activity and diagnosing any problems. A simple, intuitive dashboard provides high-level aggregate metrics across all applications, while powerful drill-down capabilities enable developers to visualize and understand the behavior of their applications. Continuuity provides real-time information about applications, allowing users to dynamically scale them at the touch of a button. For example, the UI will highlight insufficient application resources and the user can click a "+" button to automatically add the needed resources without taking the application offline or having to think about the underlying infrastructure.

"Until now, the barrier to building Big Data applications was insanely high. With the launch of Continuuity, we're democratizing Big Data application development and making the developer's life better across the entire application development lifecycle. Our platform will unleash a huge wave of developers building Big Data apps," said Todd Papaioannou, co-founder and CEO of Continuuity. "We focus on developers because we are developers. Our team has built parallel databases, as well as Big Data infrastructures and applications, and we've been working on open source projects like Hadoop and Hbase for years. We're thrilled to be the first to market with the cloud-based platform that will enable developers to quickly and easily turn their big ideas into Big Data apps."

To sign up for the early access programs for Continuuity Developer Edition, Continuuity Private Cloud Edition and Continuuity Public Cloud Edition, visit Continuuity Developer Edition will be generally available for free download in Q4 2012.

About Continuuity
Continuuity delivers the industry's first Big Data application fabric, fueling the next generation of Big Data applications by making it fast and easy for any developer to build, deploy, scale and manage Big Data apps. Built by developers for developers, Continuuity offers a unified experience across the entire application lifecycle from development to DevOps. Continuuity provides pre-packaged building blocks with higher level APIs, Data Libs, tooling and documentation that make creating Big Data applications blazing fast. The cloud-based Continuuity AppFabric™, the next generation application serving platform, is built on top of open source components and shields developers from the complexity of Big Data and cloud infrastructure. With visually rich UIs, elastic scalability at the touch of a button and push-button app deployment from the developer's local machine to the cloud, Continuuity shifts the focus from infrastructure creation to business value creation. Built by a team that has worked on and run some of the biggest, most sophisticated Big Data systems in the world, Continuuity is the future of Big Data application development.

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