WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwire - Oct 25, 2012) - Avascent, a leading management consulting firm, has released its latest white paper outlining how leaders can keep their organizations agile and effective through incremental rebalancing actions. "Rebalancing Your Organization: Small Adjustments Can Make Big Differences" distills Avascent's experience gained from years of working with leading private and public sector clients in improving their organizational effectiveness.

Stephen Ganote, a Principal at Avascent and co-author of the white paper, commented that, "The 'Balanced Organization' approach is a relatively simple way for leaders to keep track of performance -- and identify where modest adjustments can improve organizational effectiveness. By diagnosing issues early and often, and addressing high-value changes quickly, leaders can make improvements and also avoid the need for much more significant and potentially painful actions down the road."

"Often, ad hoc band-aids for the legacy organization are the first responses to new challenges. While major reorganizations can be important and necessary responses, they should be a last resort -- not a first option," said Vasco Fernandes, a Partner at Avascent and co-author. "Avascent's Balanced Organization approach is a unique, less disruptive way for leaders to ensure their organizations stay agile and effective."

With offices in Washington, DC and Paris, Avascent (www.avascent.com) is the leading strategy and management consulting firm serving clients operating in government-driven markets. Avascent delivers sophisticated, fact-based solutions in the areas of strategic growth, value capture, organizational effectiveness, and merger and acquisition support. With deep sector expertise, analytically rigorous methodologies, and a uniquely flexible service model, Avascent provides clients with the insights and advice they need to succeed in complex market environments. Avascent's leaders have decades of experience helping leaders improve the effectiveness of their organizations.

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