SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - Oct 26, 2012) - Today, VoloMetrix -- an enterprise SaaS company providing deep insights to improve organizational responsiveness and drive productivity -- announced the VoloMetrix Sales Module. The new analytics application helps sales leaders more clearly understand what is happening in the field and focus sales resources on the right customer opportunities without any additional data collection or activity tracking. The sales module further expands the VoloMetrix Social Enterprise Intelligence platform which analyzes anonymous, real-time email, calendar, instant messaging, and social networking data, allowing organizations to better align team resources with business priorities. Since its inception in 2011, VoloMetrix has received a round of funding from Shasta Ventures, provided its cloud-based service to a number of leading enterprises, and now aggregates and analyzes anonymous data from more than 10,000 sources.

"People are the most powerful assets at many organizations, yet companies today can't determine whether their people are positioned to achieve the greatest business results," said Ryan Fuller, Chief Executive Officer of VoloMetrix. "Our new sales module builds upon our initial vision of increasing productivity through more transparency. Now, sales teams are empowered with new insights that improve focus and responsiveness to their highest priority sales opportunities."

The VoloMetrix Sales Module approaches productivity in a new way by applying sophisticated algorithms and analytics to answer a fundamental, yet challenging question facing today's organizations: "How can I help my sales teams spend more time closing deals and be more responsive to customers?" The industry analyst firm Gartner estimates salespeople spend as little as ten percent of their time interacting with customers because they are constrained by competing internal corporate demands. The new VoloMetrix module can quickly and easily generate at-a-glance reports showing the amount of time a sales group spends in internal meetings, the other teams across the organization collaborating with sales teams, and the pipeline opportunities and account issues as they escalate in real-time.

Specifically, VoloMetrix applies privacy filters to collaboration data then provides insights into the activities, relationships, and communications that drive business performance across a sales organization. The VoloMetrix Sales Module is designed to provide new levels of visibility by generating highly visual, easy to use reports, including:

  • Realtime Trending - Highlights sales pipeline opportunities and customer account escalation trends as they occur, not days or weeks later. By providing daily transparency to escalating topics, Realtime Trending allows a sales team to mobilize resources to close a competitive deal or address a customer issue more quickly.
  • Alignment Indexing - Provides deep insights into a sales team's time and resource allocation against specific customers, internal stakeholders, and key topics. Alignment Indexing allows the sales organization to understand and manage team resources to better achieve the business' top sales priorities.
  • Enterprise Sociograph - Shows the connections between teams and partner organizations to identify under-served silos within an organization, as well as over-utilized teams. The Enterprise Sociograph allows customers to assess and optimize communications and workflow to improve productivity across the organization.

The VoloMetrix Sales Module is available immediately as an online service. For more information, please visit

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VoloMetrix is an enterprise SaaS company providing tools that improve organizational responsiveness and drive productivity. The VoloMetrix Social Enterprise Intelligence platform analyzes and aggregates anonymous, real-time information from email, calendar, instant messaging, and social applications to offer deep insights into how teams are spending time around top priorities, where collaboration can improve across the organization, and which important business topics are escalating and require a quick response. The founding team and board have more than 50 years of experience helping the world's largest companies solve strategic and organizational problems. For more information, visit

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