TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Oct. 26, 2012) - Initiated by the Toronto Education Workers and the Toronto District School Board, the My Food My Way campaign strives to engage students on the subject of nutrition.

Now, as a way of reaching out to those kids aged 13-17, the campaign has developed an interactive web application called Foodagram that allows users to record and share puppet video messages.

"One of the ways that My Food My Way differs from other student nutritional campaigns is its philosophy of engage first, educate second," says John Weatherup, President of the Toronto Education Workers.

The app works like this: you choose a food puppet, record your voice through your computer's microphone, and then presto: the puppet says whatever you want in a video clip. The resulting messages can be sent via email or shared on Facebook and Twitter.

The cast of puppet characters includes a slice of pizza named Papa Roni, a milkshake named Molly Moo, and a hamburger named Pattie.

"Foodagram as an experience is one we think will resonate loudly with students; inviting them to learn about nutrition in a non-traditional way," says Ahmad Ktaech, the managing director of the marketing firm behind the campaign.

Marvin Greenberg, the campaign's chair, stresses the importance of this engagement: "By using fun and innovative technology, we can develop the relationship with students so that a discussion on healthy eating can begin".

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