CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - Oct 29, 2012) -  Mattersight Corporation (NASDAQ: MATR) today announced the results of its study on the impact of human behavior and personality on debt cure rates. Using the company's Behavioral Analytics platform to analyze every second of human interaction on an aggregated data set of millions of financial services and collections interactions, the impact of human behavior and personality on debt cure rates has been quantified. By applying its proprietary algorithms and patented processes to this data set, Mattersight has identified the following attributes:

  • Debtor personality and behavioral data
  • Collector performance
  • Debt cure rates

This analysis revealed dramatic patterns regarding the impact of debtor/collector behavioral connections on debt cure rates. Specifically, when there is a strong behavioral connection, as opposed to a weak behavioral connection, between debtor and collector, debt cure rates from collection efforts increase by over 1,400 basis points.  This insight, made actionable by Mattersight's Predictive Behavioral Routing, can drive a significant increase in collections effectiveness.

Mattersight uses a patented process to assess debtor personality and the behavioral connection between debtor and collector. These results are consistent with the patterns Mattersight has discovered regarding the impact of employee/customer behavioral connections on customer satisfaction, sales, attrition, and service outcomes, and they highlight the transformational power of analyzing unstructured interaction data to identify and understand the variability of human behavior. Mattersight, a leader in enterprise analytics focused on customer and employee interactions and behaviors, works with its customers to use these analytics to create tangible economic value. 

Mattersight has published a whitepaper, Customer Personality Analysis, available at, further detailing how behavioral and personality data can be leveraged. For more information about this study and the impact of behavioral connections on business outcomes, please send requests to:

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Mattersight is a leader in enterprise analytics focused on customer and employee interactions and behaviors. Mattersight's Behavioral Analytics service captures and analyzes customer and employee interactions, employee desktop data and other contextual information to improve operational performance and predict future customer and employee outcomes. Mattersight's analytics are based on millions of proprietary algorithms and the application of unique behavioral models. The company's SaaS+ delivery model combines analytics in the cloud with deep customer partnerships to drive significant business value. Mattersight's applications are used by leading companies in Healthcare, Insurance, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Cable, Utilities, Education, Hospitality and Government. See What Matters™ by visiting

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