BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - Oct 30, 2012) - AlgoSec, the market leader for Network Security Policy Management, today announced BusinessFlow, an innovative new product that automates security policy management for business applications and provides the crucial link between application connectivity requirements and the underlying security policy.

"Enterprise applications fuel an organization's business, but network operations and application management are owned by different groups that have not had an effective way to bridge the gap between application connectivity requirements, network changes and the security policy," said Avishai Wool, CTO, AlgoSec. "BusinessFlow provides these disparate departments with a centralized and automated way to simplify security policy management of business applications throughout their entire lifecycle by understanding network dependencies and their impact on the security policy."

Effectively managing the complex connectivity requirements of business applications is a struggle for nearly every large organization. Now, with BusinessFlow, application deployment and ongoing connectivity updates can be executed at a fraction of the time and firewall rules can be safely removed when applications are decommissioned -- without impacting the performance or availability of other applications or creating security risks.

Part of the AlgoSec Security Management Suite, BusinessFlow leverages AlgoSec's Deep Policy Inspection technology and integrates with AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer for policy analysis, traffic simulation and visualization, and AlgoSec FireFlow for security policy change management.

Additional capabilities announced today include:

  • Automatic Translation of Application Connectivity Requirements to Firewall Rule Changes - BusinessFlow allows administrators to quickly and accurately process changes for evolving application connectivity requirements by automatically computing the necessary changes to the underlying firewall rules and triggering the relevant change requests in AlgoSec FireFlow.

  • Impact Assessment of Network Changes on Business Applications -BusinessFlow provides visibility of the impact that network changes, such as server migrations, may have on business applications and triggers the necessary firewall change requests to ensure application availability.

  • Network Access Removal for Decommissioned Applications - BusinessFlow enables organizations to safely remove network access that is no longer required for decommissioned applications. This ensures that the security policy is hardened without impacting the availability or performance of other applications.

  • Centralized Application Connectivity Portal - BusinessFlow provides a consolidated and up-to-date view of required application connectivity, enabling security and network teams to communicate more effectively with business application owners for accelerated service delivery.

  • Application Connectivity Mapping - BusinessFlow delivers powerful discovery capabilities that enable firewall and router access rules to be automatically mapped to existing applications, dramatically reducing the time and effort to populate the centralized repository of application connectivity requirements.

  • Complete Audit Trail of All Application Connectivity Changes - BusinessFlow simplifies audits and proof of compliance by maintaining a complete history of every change made to the application supporting both internal and external compliance mandates.

"Organizational networks and the applications using them are more complex than ever," said Gartner Analyst Greg Young. "Having a more clear view of a network change on the application or service translates to a simpler security policy and fewer blocks of legitimate activity."

BusinessFlow will be available in the first quarter of 2013. For more information on BusinessFlow please visit

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