MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwire - Oct 30, 2012) -  Today, Gigya, the leading provider of social infrastructure for business, announced that it finished the third quarter of 2012 with record growth in key business metrics. The company is on pace to nearly triple its 2011 revenue following the seventh consecutive quarter of double-digit sales growth. During the quarter, Gigya also added 85 new domestic and international clients to a roster that now includes more than 600 brands, publishers, ecommerce companies and travel sites. Ecommerce and travel sites have become Gigya's fastest growing categories with lighthouse enterprises such as Redbox, Adidas, Bad Boy Marketing Group, Jelly Belly, Alitalia, and Crocs all signing contracts with the social infrastructure company.

After securing an additional $15.3m in funding in June, the company has scaled remarkably, growing to nearly 150 employees and opening a new sales office in London to serve rapidly increasing demand for Gigya's technology internationally. Additionally, Gigya recently released User Management 360, a revamped user management platform which has become the company's fastest-adopted set of products. By leveraging User Management 360, businesses can collect, store and utilize permission-based social profile data for hyper-targeted marketing campaigns.

"We've made incredible progress as a company in just the past few months," said Patrick Salyer, CEO of Gigya. "Our traction in both the Ecommerce and Travel categories indicates that businesses across verticals understand the value of social infrastructure. We have an amazing opportunity to truly become ubiquitous across the web and we are poised to become the backbone of the social web."

Gigya has also been investing heavily in product development and will be rolling out several innovative new products in the coming months.

About Gigya:

Gigya's mission is to socialize the rest of the web. We provide websites with a complete social infrastructure that creates immersive social experiences for users and provides unparalleled customer insights for businesses.

Gigya equips businesses like ABC, Pepsi and Verizon with a comprehensive solution to socialize their online properties. Our technology enables seamless registration with Social Login, increases traffic and time spent on-site via Social Plugins and Gamification and transforms marketing by leveraging permission-based social identity data.

Gigya works with more than 600 enterprises and touches more than one billion users per month. Our platform extracts the real value from social networks, empowering online businesses to attract, engage and understand users like never before.

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