LONDON and NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Oct 30, 2012) - Adfonic, the smarter mobile buying platform, today announced the availability of its mobile demand-side platform (DSP) Madison, which gives large-spending advertising agencies and brands greater transparency, control and efficiency through access to a broad range of real-time bidding (RTB) inventory.

Madison empowers agencies and brands with transparent buying across multiple publisher sources through one central buying point. This feature enables full control over the inventory sources they buy across -- meaning that clients have a much clearer view of the value of what they are buying -- with real-time analytics and reporting at an individual exchange level. Additionally, Madison enables agencies to buy mobile inventory more efficiently using advanced algorithms that bid on a per-impression basis and a fully automated marketplace optimized around value and results. 

Madison's unique features set it apart from competing solutions:

  • Transparent buying across multiple publisher sources
  • Full control over ad placements, with comprehensive real-time performance reports
  • Increased margins through a sophisticated bidding model on RTB exchanges, and the capability to increase the maximum bid price to drive increased spend and inventory
  • True buying granularity through per-impression optimization, powered by algorithms that determine where to place bids on a per-impression basis
  • A fully managed service or self-service option
  • A streamlined and automated mobile media buying process
  • Ownership of more data to support future campaign planning

"Large agencies and advertisers must access mobile inventory at scale, directly and transparently, with smarter algorithms and deeper data to get the best out of every impression," said Paul Childs, Adfonic CMO and co-founder. "Madison gives them control over what they're buying and where they're buying. Essentially, with Madison, Adfonic is making buying more effective because we're making it easy."

Madison is available immediately. For more information please visit

About Adfonic

Adfonic is a mobile advertising buying platform that gives advertisers and agencies access to global mobile web and app inventory through a single buying point.

Adfonic's customers can run performance, rich media and video ad campaigns across a wide range of inventory sources to drive direct response, increase consumer engagement and build brand awareness.

Through Adfonic, advertisers and agencies benefit from access to over 100 billion monthly impressions. Their campaigns are also powered by pioneering technology, big data and smart algorithms which optimize performance and drive the best results.

Adfonic is headquartered in London with further operations in New York, Paris, Madrid, Munich, San Francisco and Singapore.

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