SUNNYVALE, CA--(Marketwire - Oct 30, 2012) - eSilicon Corporation, the largest independent semiconductor design and manufacturing services provider, is now offering memory compilers targeting the networking and computing markets in TSMC's 28nm and 40nm technologies. eSilicon's specialty eFlex™ and eFlexCAM™ embedded memory products include ternary content addressable memories (TCAMs) and multi-port register files. These products increase bandwidth with parallel processing for packet forwarding and classification in internet routers as well as in other applications that require high-speed table lookup. eSilicon is participating in TSMC's Open Innovation Platform™ IP Alliance Program, which included quality assessment of this eSilicon IP through the TSMC9000™ Program.

As the demand for digital content explodes, so does the demand for network speed. Memory processing tends to be the bottleneck in network performance. If memory cannot keep up with increasingly fast processors, the processors have to wait, stalling the system. Specialty memories address the problem in many ways. TCAMs are unique -- they search an entire memory database in one to two cycles. eSilicon's TCAMs can provide up to 1.6 billion search results in one second. Multi-port memories process multiple memory requests in parallel within a single clock cycle.

"eSilicon has a long, proven track record of providing high-speed specialty memory products at advanced process technologies. We are now offering our third generation of eFlex and eFlexCAM embedded memory compilers on TSMC's 28HPM process," said Patrick Soheili, vice president and general manager of eSilicon's IP Solutions Group. "Our specialty embedded memory products provide designers with the additional bandwidth and speed they need to meet their specific requirements. eSilicon is proud to now be part of the TSMC9000 program, which is considered a standard for IP quality across the semiconductor IP industry."

eSilicon's 28HPM TCAMs can provide performance of up to 1.6 billion searches per second (BSPS) under typical operating conditions and a latency of 1-2 clock cycles. TCAM performance is 800 million searches per second (MSPS) under worst operating conditions. High-performance, low-latency TCAMs are critical for packet classification at wire speeds. eSilicon TCAM compilers include features such as hardened priority encoders, multiple options to lower power, and column redundancy for higher yield. TCAM IP includes multi-width search mode to switch dynamically between IPv4 and IPv6 searches. eSilicon also offers built-in self-test (BIST) and built-in self-repair (BISR) for higher test coverage during wafer sort and production.

eSilicon's 28nm four-port register file can offer speeds approaching 2 GHz under typical operating conditions, while the 28nm asynchronous register file offers read speeds in excess of 2.5 GHz. The four-port register file supports two independent read and two independent write ports, and plays a critical role in increasing system bandwidth by supporting parallel operations. These memories provide zero clock latency overhead, deterministic timing (versus RTL/synthesis-based solutions) and easily integrate on chip with existing design flows. The asynchronous register file provides an independent write and an independent asynchronous read port. These memories enable fast access times for downstream operation.

eSilicon's TCAM compiler, four-port register file compiler, and asynchronous register file compiler on TSMC 28HPM are now available. Customers can license configurations of TCAM instances generated by the eFlexCAM™ compiler. Customers can also license eSilicon register file compilers on a per-project basis. Custom TCAM and register file instances to meet customers' specific performance, power, area and yield targets are also available. For silicon quality report results, data sheets, white papers or information on these new memories, please contact us at

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