FRANKFORT, KY--(Marketwire - Oct 30, 2012) -  ETM, developer of UPExchange for unclaimed property reporting -- and Wings Plus for financial reporting and tax compliance -- announces that the Commonwealth of Kentucky is now in production on UPExpress. UPExpress is the industry's first-ever standardized, online, electronic system for creating and submitting unclaimed reports -- and for remitting unclaimed property payments -- in one online session.

"The term game-changer is often misused," said Mark H. Pfeiffer, Director of Unclaimed Property & Communications, Kentucky Treasury. "But UPExpress is a game-changer. It gives holders the ability to report and remit to multiple states from their keyboards. No paper. No CDs. No postage. The time and effort it saves holders and states is almost incalculable. Lots of folks talk about efficiency and productivity. ETM delivers it with UPExpress."

UPExpress enables one simple process to transmit reports and payments via the Internet. It allows states to tailor the information they receive, their upload requirements, their holder agreements, and their reporting and remittance options. And it makes it possible for holders to take care of all of their multi-state reporting in one, simple, online session.

"UPExpress may have been one of those things that seemed too good to be true," said Layton Olson, SVP at ETM. "States and holders seemed a bit skeptical at first. But one use of UPExpress is all it takes to convince both parties that it's as simple, fast, and affordable as it first appears to be. Regardless of the reporting software being used, UPExpress reduces time and administrative costs."

To contact the Commonwealth of Kentucky about UPExpress, please call Mark Pfeiffer at 502-564-8860.

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