ORLANDO, FL--(Marketwire - Oct 30, 2012) - NBAA -- Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. (exhibit #2516) announced that it has launched a new fully scalable aviation Safety Management System solution: Safety Management & Integration (SM&I).

"Because a safety management system (SMS) is such an integral component of business aviation, it was a natural extension of our trip management solutions to enter the market and alleviate some of the challenges our clients and the industry face regarding what an SMS actually is, what it means, and what it's supposed to do," said Randy Stephens, Division Vice President, Product Management and Specialty Services, Universal®. "Some operators believe SMS is something you can 'buy,' or a series of boxes you check. That's not our solution. SM&I is a strategic assembly of products and services that utilizes state-of-the-art-technology, knowledge experts, and human resources to help empower organizations to confidently make effective decisions about their SMS. SM&I resolves all the components of an effective and compliant SMS."

An example of this holistic approach is the Universal Emergency Response Plan (ERP) solution. SM&I provides direct access to an all-new ERP Core Document Builder, powered by Fireside Partners LLC, a specialist in emergency response planning. This innovative and simple-to-use online tool is designed with the small corporate flight department or flight charter company in mind to facilitate development of a comprehensive, actionable ERP.

The technology component of SM&I is SMS Manager™, an online system that helps improve the operating efficiency of an SMS by centralizing all processes and documents in one place, easing setup, implementation, and execution. A hands-on assistance plan, which includes full system support and guidance, is available to help organizations transition their existing processes to SMS Manager.

"We want to not just provide the tools to implement an SMS, but actually teach users how to use the tools and implement an SMS successfully," said Jason Starke, SM&I Operations Manager, Universal. "Many operators have told us that they lack the time and resources to manage their SMS or implement a new system. Our SM&I monthly subscription leverages Universal resources for comprehensive support managing an SMS. Clients receive SMS-enablement support mapped to their specific needs, budgets, and resources."

SMS Manager has been officially approved by the Bermuda Department of Civil Aviation as proof of compliance with SMS provisions as per ICAO Annex 6, Part II.

SM&I also provides educational courses on safety topics that include safety risk management, safety policy, and human factors in safety-management systems. Select courses are approved under the NBAA Certified Aviation Manager (CAM) program, allowing attendees to earn credits toward their CAM program certification.

"Our educational courses are geared to teach the value SMS brings to an organization and best practices of incorporating an effective SMS program into an organization's unique culture," said Starke. "Understanding the fundamentals of SMS is key to realizing its value to your organization."

In addition to the subscription-based SM&I solution, which is available in a variety of packages, Universal has also launched a free SMS Learning Center (available at www.universalweather.com/sms) that provides resources such as safety articles, and other tools that provide operational guidance, knowledge, and expert insight on SMS.

NBAA attendees interested in learning more about SM&I and who wish to view demos of SMS Manager can visit Universal exhibit #2516.

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