SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwire - Oct 31, 2012) - The three-part series of books explaining the foundation and unsurpassed benefits of the science of the SottoPelle® Therapy Method has now been made available to the Spanish speaking communities all over the world. The books are also now conveniently available for purchase at mainstream book distributors and can be downloaded electronically in various formats.

"After years of encouragement from respected medical colleagues all over the world to translate my books in other languages, I am honored to launch our first translation to serve the Spanish speaking regions," Dr. Gino Tutera states. "It is our hope to offer additional translations in the near future."

For more than 30 years, Dr. Tutera, a board certified OB/GYN has dedicated his medical career to women's health issues concerning PMS, menopause, and other hormone imbalance issues. In 2002 he established SottoPelle® Therapy, a scientifically-based bio-identical hormonal replacement therapy delivery system. SottoPelle®, which means "under the skin" in Italian is a method that has been around since the 1930s but it was Dr. Tutera who has been credited in documenting and working directly with patients to properly dose and manage patients with pellet therapy.

Dr. Tutera, however, warns consumers that numerous medical practices all over the country continually make false claims saying they "make" SottoPelle® pellets or are SottoPelle® trained. Dr. Tutera clarifies that the SottoPelle® Therapy is not the pellet itself, but the Methodology coupled with the exact science to supporting it. Only physicians Dr. Tutera has personally trained are qualified to practice this exact delivery and dosing system he developed. "If a medical practice claims to be a SottoPelle® affiliate and claims to make the pellets, you need to view our website to double check to make sure they are connected to SottoPelle®. If you don't see them on our website: consumers need to know that claim is false. They are not part of our network of highly-skilled and certified physicians," Dr. Tutera explains. "SottoPelle® is a scientifically-proven technique that I developed in the early 1990s. We also only work with the most reputable pharmacies to compound pellets individually specific to each patient's needs. Our pellets are not mass-produced or dispensed to every patient for the sake of profit. That has never been and will never be our business model. We pride ourselves in our compassionate and highest level of individualized patient care." To locate trained and certified SottoPelle® physicians, consumers are urged to visit (SottoPelle® National Affiliates).

Dr. Tutera's painless method is inserting a rice-sized pellet under the patient's hip which delivers the exact dosage of hormones the patient needs. Dr. Tutera customizes each dose for each patient based on their individual lab results citing their specific hormonal deficiencies and other factors. For the millions of men and women experiencing the damaging effects of hormonal imbalance, symptoms include, weight gain, lack of energy and libido, anxiety, depression and an overall decreased sense of well-being.

Dr. Tutera's three books help walk the reader through steps in finding the vitality and zest for life they once possessed in their younger years.

You Don't Have to Live With It - introduces readers to the method, history and successes of SottoPelle® among thousands of patients around the world.

You Don't Have to Live with It, The Science of SottoPelle® - gives readers an in-depth look at Dr. Tutera's documented clinical studies citing The SottoPelle® Therapy method as the superior delivery system versus "copy cat" inferior synthetic hormonal replacement methods that mislead unknowing consumers.

Life Regained, The Real Solution to Managing Menopause and Andropause - provides readers the most comprehensive look at how men and women are both affected by hormonal imbalance, but more importantly, how to resolve the physical, emotional and mental obstacles that plague the more than 3 million Baby Boomers facing menopause and andropause in the United States alone.

AUTHOR: Dr. Gino Tutera is internationally recognized as the pioneer and leader in the field of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. In addition to treating thousands of patients using the SottoPelle® Therapy Method, he has dedicated the past two decades conducting seminars and training hundreds of physicians throughout the world. Dr. Tutera is often invited to present his research at international medical conventions, and is frequently interviewed by the media both in the U.S. and abroad, as a leading authority on bio-identical hormonal replacement.

Dr. Tutera's books are sold individually in Spanish and in English at the following retailers and websites:,,, and Apple to download electronic versions of the book
SottoPelle® Marketing Group - Health/Self-Help - first two books $9.95 USA/$14.95 CAN, each in paperback - book three $22.95

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