VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Nov. 1, 2012) - Change Heroes, the innovative online fundraising platform announces its support of Room to Read, a global nonprofit organization committed to improving literacy and gender equality in education as a means to address global poverty. Dedicated to empowering children's lives across the developing world, the synergy of both organizations' missions sees the forming of a strong relationship that will undeniably create positive change for millions.

The funds generated on behalf of Room to Read, through the Change Heroes platform, will go toward establishing libraries and educating children, providing them with the opportunity to break free from a cycle of poverty that has likely plagued them and their families for generations.

The announcement comes in line with Change Heroes' strategy to remain a support-leader in the social sphere, by aligning themselves with established, sustainable and well-researched non-profit organizations. Taylor Conroy, Founder of Change Heroes, explains, "We know the value of what we're able to provide with our donations and for that reason we're incredibly fortunate to be able to support Room To Read. Not only does the organization share our sentiments surrounding the importance of knowledge and empowerment in the developing world, but Room to Read has the tools and resources to use our donations to continue to provide results on a long-term scale. This is important to us because change will not happen over night".

Through each $10,000 donation from Change Heroes to Room to Read, two libraries are established and funded in a developing country for three years. It is Room to Read's goal that in these three years, the local community learns how to operate and sustain the library completely on their own and over 97% of the libraries that are established continue to thrive for much longer.

Room to Read believes that 171 million would be lifted out of poverty if every child received an education and Change Heroes has set out with the goal of raising funds towards educational empowerment for 10 million children who are struggling in poverty. Fuelled by these complimentary values, the strategic relationship is set to impact massive change in the developing world.

With the funds that Change Heroes generates and Room to Read's ability to facilitate the needs of educating a community of children, together both organizations have the necessary tools to make the goal of impacting 10 million children a reality.

About Change Heroes

Change Heroes is an online fundraising platform that makes it easy for anyone with the intention to make a difference to impact hundreds of children in the developing world in as little as three hours. By rallying one person to engage 33 of their friends to give $3.33 a day for 3 months they can raise $10,000 - enough to provide hundreds of children in the developing world with an education, which in turn will help to break the cycle of poverty. Change Heroes is currently on track to generate $100 million that will directly impact 10 million children in the developing world with the on the ground help of two of North America's most innovative non-profits, Free the Children and Room to Read. For more information:

About Room to Read

Room to Read is a global organization seeking to transform the lives of millions of children in the developing world through a focus on literacy and gender equality in education. Founded on the belief that World Change Starts with Educated Children, Room to Read works in collaboration with local communities, partner organizations and governments to develop literacy skills and a habit of reading among primary school children and to ensure girls have the skills and support needed to complete their secondary education. Since 2000, Room to Read has impacted the lives of more than six million children by providing increased access to high-quality educational opportunities through its network of libraries and schools, local language children's books and its girls' education program. Room to Read is changing children's lives in Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Laos, Nepal, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Vietnam and Zambia and aims to reach 10 million children by 2015. Learn more at

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