WAYNE, PA--(Marketwire - Nov 1, 2012) -   Medecision, the leading provider of healthcare management solutions, will offer a complimentary webinar for healthcare organizations, "3 Keys to Preventing Avoidable Readmissions," on November 7 at 12:00 p.m. ET. In this one-hour installment of Medecision's webinar series on accountable care, healthcare industry visionaries with extensive experience in accountable care and patient engagement, technical solutions development, and care management will share three straightforward strategies for preventing avoidable readmissions -- one of the most powerful ways hospitals, plans, and accountable care organizations (ACOs) can reduce cost and improve health outcomes overall.

Preventing avoidable readmissions has never been more critical. As of October 1, thousands of hospitals are facing an average $125,000 in penalties per year under the (CMS) Readmissions Reduction Program, and more than 2,000 hospitals with high readmission rates will forfeit about $280 million in Medicare payments over the next year.i Healthcare organizations that successfully leverage the right technology to strengthen continuity of care and take on risk can realize reduced readmissions rates and improvements in consumer compliance and satisfaction.

Who should attend:

Physicians, executives, and care management professionals from health plans, providers, and ACOs seeking:

  • Clear insight into the costs associated with preventable hospital readmissions
  • Background on new care delivery models and shared-risk frameworks emerging as a result of changes to Medicare under the Affordable Care Act
  • A straightforward overview of the strategy and technology platforms available today to manage risk effectively by helping to ensure improved population health
  • Workable solutions that target preventable readmissions through rigorous disease management, integrated case and risk management, and evidence-based approaches to high risk, commonly occurring conditions:
    • Data collection that puts the right information in the hands of nurses responsible for managing chronic conditions, risk, and transitions of care
    • Analytics and evidence-based pathways to identify and manage care for those who need it most
    • Real-time, two-way information exchange and connection across the care continuum to enable shared accountability and optimal care delivery
    • Rules-based, automated workflow to keep health outcomes in focus

Webinar Details


Accountable Care Webinar Series: 3 Keys to Preventing Avoidable Readmissions


Jonathan Burroughs, MD, MBA, FACHE, FACPE

Dr. Burroughs is a certified physician executive and a fellow of the American College of Physician Executives. He is president and CEO of The Burroughs Healthcare Consulting Network and works with some of the nation's top healthcare consulting organizations to provide "best practice" solutions and training to healthcare organizations.

Katherine Schneider, MD, M.Phil., FAAFP

Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Medecision

Dr. Schneider leads Medecision in its quest to deliver solutions that support accountable care models and help care providers and health plans keep the focus where it belongs -- on strengthening the 'C' in accountable care. This focus, she believes, is the key to success in making cost-effective, customer-centric care a reality.

Matt Adamson

Vice President, Value-based Health Solutions, Medecision

Mr. Adamson brings more than 20 years of software industry expertise to his role as vice president, value-based health solutions for Medecision. He helps define the strategy for the company's solutions for the ACO and medical home markets, representing Medecision with stakeholders interested in furthering value-based care models in the U.S.


Wednesday, November 7, from 12:00-1:00 p.m. ET


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i Rau, Jordan. "Medicare Revises Hospitals' Readmissions Penalties." Kaiser Health News. 02 Oct. 2012. Web. 01 Nov. 2012. http://www.kaiserhealthnews.org/Stories/2012/October/03/medicare-revises-hospitals-readmissions-penalties.aspx