MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwire - Nov 2, 2012) - Gigya, the leading provider of social infrastructure for business, today announced the launch of its NEXUS Partner Ecosystem to transform the way businesses understand and reach their customers online. The new program will allow businesses to easily leverage permission-based social data for targeted marketing campaigns. Through this program, Gigya clients can seamlessly port user data obtained through Gigya's User Management 360 system into marketing initiatives such as email campaigns and content recommendations. Businesses gain access to permission-based user and behavior data when users authenticate with a social identity on their web properties or mobile applications.

User data is automatically stored and organized with Gigya's User Management 360 system, which allows businesses to manage user data from a web-based dashboard, and port it into any third-party systems including online marketing platforms for personalized targeting. Gigya's NEXUS Partner Ecosystem provides seamless integration with a growing number of third-party services, while offering an open API that enables any business to manage, access and connect with existing third-party vendors.

"Gigya's philosophy has always been grounded in openness, and by strengthening our relationships with top online marketing vendors, we are able to help our clients extract the incredible value that social data brings," said Patrick Salyer, CEO of Gigya. "Our clients are always looking for ways to streamline social data integration and the NEXUS Partner Ecosystem provides them with an incredible way to market to their users."

Certona, the leader for true omnichannel personalization, and a Gigya NEXUS launch partner, will be using the streamlined integration to enable its clients to segment and target users with rich social data, making product and content recommendations more effective and yielding greater ROI for marketers. Certona clients will be able to store and leverage this data by implementing Gigya's User Management 360 system, which allows users to log into sites with their preferred social identities via Social Login, and gives businesses actionable customer insights based on social profile data and site behaviors.

"The ability to easily access social data holds significant value for our clients looking to further personalize their customers' experience," said Mark Loucks, Vice President of Channel Development at Certona. "Our integration with Gigya enables our clients to incorporate this social data into their personalization strategies while offering their users a rich on-site social experience that Gigya provides."

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