AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - Nov 2, 2012) - With the onslaught of new fees at the big banks, Kasasa® (, a hub for free checking accounts that offer rewards from community banks and credit unions, has released a list of five things consumers should look for when shopping for a checking account.

Not all checking accounts are created equal, so here are five important features consumers need to look for as they shop for the checking account that best suits their needs:

1. Free Checking
Make no mistake -- free checking still exists. Many community banks and credit unions nationwide offer checking accounts with no monthly service fee. Plus, there's no reason consumers should be charged just to hold their money in a checking account.

2. Refunded ATM Fees at Over 90,000 Banks Nationwide
Most consumers are paying $2.50 on average for using an ATM outside their bank's network, according to Americans can access their cash without losing money by finding a bank or credit union that refunds fees for ATM use anywhere in the U.S.

3. No Minimum Balance
Life is simpler when consumers don't have to worry about maintaining a minimum balance to avoid another fee. Hard-working folks shouldn't have to stress about getting charged for not having enough money in their checking account.

4. Money Back
There are plenty of community banks and credit unions that actually reward consumers for their deposits (even if it's not a lot) with cash back for using their debit card or high interest rates (2-4% annual percentage yield or APY) -- that's more than 40 times the national average of 0.05% APY paid on interest bearing checking accounts, according to October 2012 FDIC data.

5. Superior Personal Service
Megabanks are notorious for sloppy service and treating their customers like just another number. A whopping 92% of consumers are satisfied with the service they receive at community banks, regional banks, or credit unions, vs. 69% of megabank consumers, says Javelin Strategy & Research.

Accounts that include each and all of these consumer benefits can be found on, featuring over 700 community bank and credit union branch locations nationwide, with more being added every week.

"Despite the rumors, free checking accounts with perks are still alive and well," says Gabe Krajicek of the Kasasa brand. "While the big banks nickel and dime their customers, community banks and credit unions across the country are holding the line by continuing to offer the perfect checking accounts."

Do you Kasasa?
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