CORAL SPRINGS, FL--(Marketwire - Nov 2, 2012) - American businesses are the heart and soul of the country. They struggle to survive in hard times and thrive when the economy is strong. They are often mentioned when an election nears because their needs appear to be forgotten and those running for office want small business owners to know they will be at the forefront of the candidate's mind. Yet, every day, these strong and resilient innovators work with customers, pay the bills and their employees. They do it without much ado.

Business Day TV is a program which features small to medium-sized businesses and the industrious people who run them. The engaging show introduces the audience to companies working in the information technology, environmental and training fields, as well as many others. They showcase outstanding entrepreneurs who provide valuable commodities we use every day. The program takes the viewer inside for a walking tour of how guests' products and services are managed. The audience learns something new along with host Terry Bradshaw.

The Hall of Fame quarterback and popular TV personality, Terry Bradshaw is the host and narrator of the program. As well known for his grid iron skills as he is for his down-to-earth, engaging, manner of honest commentary, he held an influential role in leading the Pittsburgh Steelers to four championships in the 1970s. By the time he retired in the mid 1980s, he had accumulated two MVP awards and was quickly inducted into the Pro Ball Hall of Fame. For over 20 years, Terry has amused us with his humorous brand of sports broadcasting. Outgoing and approachable, Terry is also a motivational speaker and is a frequent guest on talk shows.

Business Day with Terry Bradshaw is a respected program covering all aspects of industry. Through its diverse range of topics and engaging host, the nationally known show has gained widespread popularity throughout the U.S. It currently airs on national and regional cable networks with a focus on business news and information. More information about Business Day TV with Terry Bradshaw and its award-winning team is available at or on Facebook, YouTube or Twitter.

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