VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Nov. 5, 2012) - Data released by the Canadian Diabetes association now estimates that 9 million Canadians are suffering from diabetes or prediabetes, 90% of whom fall within the Type 2 diabetic category.

To shed light on National Diabetes Awareness Month (November), MD Analytics, Canada's leading healthcare and pharmaceutical marketing research firm, has released critical components of a study that explores the patient journey and assesses key reasons leading to a decline in the quality of life among people with diabetes.

The study targeted diabetes patients across Canada who were encouraged to complete a 30-minute web-based quantitative health research survey to provide better understanding around the way people are managing their diabetes. Questions related to the types of treatments used, diet and lifestyle choices, utilization of available healthcare and related social benefits, etc.

The data produced by MD Analytics revealed that people with Type 2 diabetes experience a continuous decline in quality of life, typically beginning after their first failure on treatment. What is interesting is that for many of these patients emotional factors seem to be the key contributor for this decrement in their quality of life.

Tyler Hassman, Co-Founder and CEO of MD Analytics, says, "While seeing a decline in quality of life as a disease progresses is not overly surprising, the factors contributing to the decline is what stands out in the study. Emotional factors such as feeling a loss of control and an increasing concern about their future were some of the primary reasons driving this decline in quality of life amongst Canadians with Type 2 diabetes."

For healthcare providers and industry stakeholders, this provides an immense opportunity to improve the quality of life for those with diabetes.

As Hassman says, "By uncovering this information, it is clear that patients would benefit from access to improved support networks and educational programs. Providing patients with the necessary tools and knowledge to better understand the disease is essential to achieving a greater sense of control, improving a patient's emotional well-being and ultimately preserving the longevity of a higher quality of life."

To learn more about MD Analytics' study - Exploring the Patient Journey and Assessing Quality of Life Among Persons with Diabetes, visit the MD Analytics website.

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