BERLIN--(Marketwire - Nov 7, 2012) - The Berlin Marriott Hotel is fit for the future. After the last major reconstruction of the restaurants and public spaces in 2004, 225 of 379 guestrooms have just undergone a complete relaunch and now shine in purist shine. The remaining rooms will be renovated in January 2013.

"The new definition of the redesign rooms is the focus on finishing touches. In the last eight years The Marriott has become a dynamic fixture on the Berlin hotel market with the fresh design of the Midtown Grill, spectacular lobby and extravagant Catwalk Bar. Now with the addition of the equally chic and modern functional atmosphere of the guestrooms, all areas we show openness and relaxed way of life," says hotel manager Hans Joerg Schneider.

In total, five floors renovated rooms, so guests can relax in a quiet and stylish atmosphere and enjoy the amenities of the five-star hotel. The interior was designed by Claudio Carbone, Swiss interior designer. Carbone is known throughout Europe for his innovative designs for five-star hotels and luxury customer segment. He has received several awards for his expressive lighting and color style design compositions.

Lots of style, lots of light, lots of comfort -- individually and absolutely top-notch, but without too much fuss.That's the first impression when you enter the new Berlin hotel room and suites. Modern furniture with classic shapes and quality materials give the rooms their exclusivity. Lightness and airy arrangement of furniture make the rooms bright and airy, and invite you to stay. Elegant mahogany wood is harmoniously combined with fine fabrics and shiny marble and the composition of the materials ensures a high quality of the room. Special color and design creates a completely uncontrived Carbone space structure. Cheerful yellow and Rotbtrauntöne, supported by cleverly arranged light sources create the midst of the modern look of the room warmth and security.

"The design for Marriott aspires to be timeless beauty and appeal to many different guests. At the same time it shall bear its own signature. We visualize the interior of the unhurried, casual but very stylish character of the building. Here is a clear, classic look with vivid and bright colors are combined. We wanted to create spaces that give a contemporary look comfort and peace," says Carbone his style.

Eye-catching: "Capital-architecture on the walls" supports the harmonious design concept. The Berlin hotel rooms are decorated with fascinating photographs of sights, as the guests make an artistic way feel like a discovery tour of the hotel.

In addition to the modern facilities, the rooms boast the highest quality amenities. For example, all rooms are equipped with LED lights, HDMI ports and the latest 42 inch LED TV with HD reception for great entertainment. Even the bathrooms are equipped with high-tech equipment, including built-in Rain Shower. The bathrooms in the Berlin hotel suites also offer digital shower fittings that make wet pleasure to experience perfectly matched.

210 double rooms and 15 suites directed one Carbone and his team. Approximately 8.5 million euros the Berlin Marriott Hotel has already invested in the renovation of the first 225 rooms. Until early 2013, four more floors to be renovated.

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