TankLink Introduces Industry's First Wireless Tank Monitoring Solution for 3G/4G Networks

Innovative Solution Delivers Technology Longevity, Lowest Device Profile, Integrated GPS Capabilities and More

Chicago, Illinois, UNITED STATES

CHICAGO, Nov. 14, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TankLink, a division of Telular Corporation (Nasdaq:WRLS), and a leader in tank monitoring, introduces the TankLink 90, the industry's first 3G/4G wireless tank monitoring solution. As cellular networks transition from 2G to 3G/4G over the next four years, the TankLink 90 for 3G/4G networks leverages the latest technology that will survive well beyond the 2G Sunset.  

Ideal for the chemical market, the new TankLink 90 is a feature-rich product that addresses the specific challenges of monitoring portable and stackable totes and tanks. Totes stacked on top of each other make wireless monitoring difficult in terms of height clearance. TankLink solved this problem by enclosing the electronics safely in the portion of the device recessed within the tank and by incorporating an internal high gain antenna under its domed cover. The unique, low-profile design of the TankLink 90 minimizes the height of the exposed parts of the unit to less than two and one-half inches above the vessel. This enables forklift operators to stack totes without damaging the monitoring hardware.

Key features of the solution include:

  • Integrated GPS for Asset Tracking

Knowing the location of a portable tank or tote is just as important as knowing its level, temperature and other critical data. The TankLink 90, with fully integrated GPS functionality enables precise tank location for greater efficiency. Location information is available 24/7 through the TankData Online web portal.

  • Increased Battery Life and Enhanced Chemical Compatibility

The reduced current consumption of the TankLink 90 improves the overall battery life of the unit adding to its longevity in the field. Its tamper-evident CPVC enclosure with an internal antenna enhances chemical compatibility.

  • Firmware Updates Made Easy

TankLink delivers over-the-air updates to TankLink 90 devices without the need for end-user involvement.

"The introduction of the new TankLink 90 for 3G/4G networks, a first for the tank monitoring industry, solidifies our commitment to innovation and quality," said Pat Barron, VP and general manager, TankLink. "The longevity of 3G/4G technology coupled with the robust features and unique design of the TankLink 90, allow us to bring to market a long-lasting, cost-effective, easy to install solution that delivers a true ROI."

The TankLink 90 single-source telemetry units, sensors and web-based data portal deliver 24/7 access to tank location and inventory information, enabling improved scheduling and delivery efficiencies which positively impacts the bottom line. The TankLink 90 optimizes operating efficiency by eliminating product run-outs and costly emergency deliveries, and delivering location information.

For more information on the TankLink 90 wireless tank monitoring solution visit www.TankLink.com.

About TankLink

TankLink remote inventory management solutions deliver the highly-accurate, 24/7 tank level information that is necessary for efficient and cost-saving replenishment decisions. TankLink helps suppliers, distributors, and production managers increase operations productivity and effectiveness. A division of Telular Corporation  (Nasdaq:WRLS), an industry-recognized leader in M2M communications for over 25 years, TankLink monitors various types of bulk inventory on thousands of  tanks in the U.S. and other countries, and is an indispensable part of today's supply chain. For more information, please visit www.TankLink.com .


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