TULSA, OK--(Marketwire - Nov 27, 2012) - Leadership is usually defined in terms of a person's status in an organization. If a person holds a specific title, he or she must have the leadership skills to go with it. Right? Wrong.

The truth is people typically advance in organizations by pleasing their bosses with displays of loyalty and their degree of technical knowledge. Performance appraisals reflect how much supervisors like their subordinates. Consequently, designated high performers are often more skilled at office politics rather than leadership.

Leadership: You're Doing it Wrong, a complimentary eBook from Hogan Assessments, is a definitive look at the relationship between a leader's personality and values and organizational performance.

Hogan's leadership model, outlined in the eBook, identifies four characteristics of effective leaders: integrity, judgment, competence, and vision. These four characteristics have a direct impact on a leader's ability to form and maintain an effective team -- the hallmark of successful leadership -- as well as employee engagement and business performance.

Using targeted, valid personality assessments, companies can gain an understanding of participants' strengths, weaknesses, values, judgment and approach to problem solving, which will help them make better hires, identify and develop high potential employees, and build better leaders.

"From the local little leaguers to the Fortune 500, an organization's performance will only ever be as good as its leaders," said Ryan Ross, vice president of Global Alliances at Hogan Assessments. "But think for a minute about the types of people who most often make it to the top of large, male-dominated, bureaucratic organizations. The unfortunate fact is that most people climb the corporate ladder through building political alliances rather than demonstrating any genuine skill for leading people." He continued, "Objective measures like personality assessments are the only way to find the best leadership candidates and provide them the meaningful developmental feedback they need to be successful in the modern workplace."

Leadership: You're Doing it Wrong is available for complimentary download at Hogan's website.

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