LA CANADA, CA--(Marketwire - Nov 27, 2012) - KMA Partnerships, a business consultancy specializing in bringing for-profit business strategies to non-profit organizations, has launched in La Canada, Calif., offering a brain trust of business experts to partner with non-profit organizations that need help to embrace change, identify opportunities in times of crisis, adapt to changing circumstances and build the infrastructure to thrive under any conditions.

Southern California businessman Bob Bautista created the KMA consortium of experts out of his desire to put his own business experience to work in a way that helps as many people as possible by guiding and advocating for deserving non-profits. Bautista believes that if the non-profit sector uses smart marketing to build demand, invests capital in revenue generation, takes calculated fundraising risks and hires and trains talented staff, charitable organizations can reach the kind of heights typically reserved for the business world. He founded KMA Partnerships in order to build that bridge.

"Our top priority is maximizing the positive change made in the world each day," says Bob Bautista, founder of KMA Partnerships. "Our approach balances pragmatism with idealism and brings the best practices from the private sector to the world of non-profits. Our experts help partner organizations build a strong infrastructure, cut costs, boost effectiveness and succeed in the long term with everything from marketing and business planning to aligning teams and raising capital."

Bautista rose in the ranks from draftsman to innovative and visionary leader of a multimillion-dollar company, Palladeo, where he spent more than 30 years amassing skills and knowledge as he built a successful company. Throughout that time, he always participated in charitable works and giving. His experience working with orphans in Africa in 2008 has never left Bautista. When he wound down the company in 2010, he knew his next step would be to marry those two passions: business and philanthropy. Bautista now puts his business talents to work advocating for the non-profit companies he believes in most.

With the launch of KMA Partnerships, Bautista has assembled a consortium of practical specialists contributing expertise in accounting, organizational development, infrastructure, marketing, public relations, legal issues, IT, training, research analysis and temporary business support. KMA is a small operation with a large reach and a unique attitude that focuses on assembling the right people to get things done.

ABOUT KMA PARTNERSHIPS: Based in La Canada, Calif., KMA Partnerships is a business consultancy that works alongside non-profit organizations to make the most of limited resources and move them forward on a path to success. KMA approaches each unique organization with an appreciation for its mission and goals, exploring the possibilities and mapping out the best routes to sustainable, long-term success. KMA Partnerships brings the best business practices from the private sector to non-profits -- offering them the same strong business support and guidance that drive corporate, for-profit enterprises. For more information, visit

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