MANHEIM, PA--(Marketwire - Nov 27, 2012) - Production flexibility with industrial electric hoists has become a new reality in today's rapid assembly line production plants. Unlike assembly factories of yesteryear, that were constructed from the ground up to accommodate work flow, today's assembly configurations must change on a moment's notice. Flexible manufacturing practices often may require a line to move or even change direction of flow to accomplish the efficiency and speed needed for profitable operations.

In a recent interview on WVSN reports, Bret Lussow, Business Development Sales Manager for Harrington Hoists, Inc. of Manheim Pa, talked about the new relationship electric industrial hoists have in today's workplace. "Harrington's ED hoist line is growing and truly changing the ease and speed at which pick and place operations and assembly lines operate. These hoists are made from light weight die-cast aluminum so they are easily portable, yet can stand the most rugged environments. Electric power has always been a limiting factor in hoist placement since traditional models require 220v single phase or three phase electricity for power. Harrington's ED hoist line operates on single phase electricity; if it needs to move, you simply pick it up and plug it into the nearest wall socket. Harrington's single phase ED electric hoists are offered in four different configurations, bringing production to pick and place operations. The 'S' single speed, the 'DS' dual speed, the 'DA' dual adjustable (with the ergonomic in-line hand control with special chuck for attaching different lifting devices such as J hooks or spreader bars) and the latest addition to the ED line, the ED 'Infinity.' Harrington's ED Infinity hoist line is available in 125lb, 220lb, 250lb, 350lb, 400lb, 525lb, and 1,050lb capacities. Each hoist is pendant controlled and is equipped with an easy access external speed adjustment knob that is protected by a heavy duty hinge cover to prevent accidental shifting during operation. The knobs allow the operator to customize the high and low speed settings to fit every application. Harrington's ED light weight single phase electric hoist line with a variety of speeds and variations at the pendent is a workplace wonder for propelling profitable production."

Harrington Hoists, Inc. is a KITO Group company located in Manheim PA and Corona CA and is a world leader in industrial lifting solutions.

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