VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Nov. 28, 2012) - The Vancouver Parks Board has passed a resolution to improve leadership and participation opportunities in sport for women in time for the Women's World Cup in 2015. The decision comes after Hall of Fame soccer player, Carrie Serwetnyk, launched a campaign called Why The Women's World Cup Matters, aimed at using the global sporting event as a catalyst to create social changes for girls and women on and off the field.

"This is a major victory for girls and women in Canada because it is the start of what we hope will be the creation of Title IX type laws that dramatically shifted the sporting culture in the United States twenty-five years ago," said Serwetnyk. "The World Cup has the power to captivate nations and break long-held social barriers. I saw it happen in South Africa and now we're going to inspire it here in Vancouver and across the nation."

The Parks Board resolution was read by Commissioner Sarah Blyth, and states:

Recognizing that women are underrepresented in leadership roles, staff will work with the City of Vancouver, Women's Advisory Committee, Vancouver Field Sport Federation, Vancouver Sport Network and all of our sports partners to look at ways to improve participation in sport for women in Vancouver by 2015.

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"Vancouver is a host city for the World Cup, but when you look at almost every leadership and business position around soccer, it is completely dominated by men and almost impossible for women to break through. This is unacceptable and the city agrees," said Serwetnyk. "Most men in the game are earning half of their salaries off the backs of girls and women through player and coaching fees and "family package" sponsorship dollars without women ever benefiting."

Serwetnyk founded Why The Women's World Cup Matters following the Olympic bronze medal match in August. Her goal is to raise equality issues not just in sports, but in all areas where women struggle for equality such as wages, professional development and political representation.

Why the Women's World Cup Matters will be hosting a fundraiser at the London Pub in Vancouver on Thursday, November 29, from 6pm - 11pm. Donations for school, First Nations programming and national symposium events will be accepted.

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