LONDON--(Marketwire - Nov 29, 2012) -  SmartMetric, Inc. (OTCQB: SMME) -- Speaking today from London, The President and CEO of SmartMetric, Inc. Ms. Chaya C. Hendrick said SmartMetric's Fingerprint Biometrics Portable Electronic Medical Records is the Safest and Most Secure Method of Storing a person's Medical Records while also ensuring ease of access when and wherever needed.

Unlike central Databases of medical records the SmartMetric Electronic Medical Records approach ensures that the person's records are with them whenever an emergency arises. And these records are locked and saved from would be data hackers by the advanced SmartMetric Biometric fingerprint software that ensures the highest level of fingerprint biometric security.

In what is a major leap forward in fingerprint matching software, the SmartMetric fingerprint matching software performs a match in less than 0.25 seconds. The SmartMetric developed matching software not only is fast and accurate but uses up to 70 matching points on the finger rather than what is commonly used in biometrics, 7 matching points.

The SmartMetric matching biometric software not only provides superior speed but a breakthrough in matching performance providing up to 70 points of matching that makes it incredibly secure. Having each person's own records stored on what is in effect a distributed database is far more secure than having a person's records on a central computer. The superiority of a "distributed database" over a "central database" is very simple. For a hacker to steal say four (4) million persons health records they only need to break into a central database once to steal this number of records. If they are to steal four (4) million records from a SmartMetric distributed biometric database they need to be successful four (4) million individual times. And that is after getting past the amazingly superior encryption and locking fingerprint activated biometric locking and unlocking system.

Around the same size as a memory thumb drive this is where the similarity begins and ends. The SmartMetric Electronic Medical Records Device is a powerful storage and retrieval system that not only stores a users written medical records but also high definition medical imaging such as x-rays, mammograms, EKG's etc. In fact the SmartMetric "Medical Keyring" is an amazing leap forward in providing safely and securely portable patient medical records.

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SmartMetric, Inc. has developed a portable biometric identity and transaction card capable of storing a wide variety of personal information while protecting you against identity theft and fraud. It is one of the most advanced portable identity authentication solutions in the world today. The card contains a biometric fingerprint scanner and reader which only you can unlock and is smaller and thinner than a credit card. The SmartMetric card is ideal for a wide range of consumers, including Personal, Government and Corporate.

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