SINGAPORE--(Marketwire - Dec 17, 2012) -   Stream Media, Pte. Ltd., a developer of apps for Android phones, today announced an update to the leading free Android games recommendation app, Applorer. In addition to using a player's history and reviews to find the best new games, the new version looks at what a player's friends' playing for more accurate suggestions and allows users to create or join 'circles' or communities around those games. Applorer can be downloaded for free from Google Play.

"With well over 600,000 Android apps available on Google Play -- a third of which are games, finding the best free game apps to suit your tastes has become a huge challenge," said Chua Zi Yong, Stream Media's CEO and founder. "We set out to solve that problem when we released Applorer nine months ago, which made it easier to see what was new and worthwhile in terms of the best games. In Applorer we've added in a number of social features that make it easier to see what your friends and connections are playing, build game communities, and to share your recommendations, tips and screen shots. We've significantly increased the social discovery and interaction, resulting in greater personalization of your game recommendations."

Like its predecessor, Applorer looks at a usage data, app interactions and recommendations, run through its proprietary algorithms to deliver personalized results. The completely revamped version now incorporates a player's friend network, game or genre-related 'circles,' and the social interactions within that network to match like-minded players, make more accurate assumptions, and deliver a more social and engaging experience.

Applorer Key Features include:

  • Daily Recommendations - Applorer delivers daily free game app recommendations, featured game reviews and on-the-go notifications for relevant game releases.

  • Share with Friends - Now users can see what their friends are playing, share games and recommendations -- including sharing on Facebook; and even play games together.

  • Custom Community 'Circles' - Create and join your own gaming community with Applorer circles; gather friends, like-minded players or around specific games or genres, and then share your game tips, achievements, screenshots and more within those communities. Developers can even interact with players within their game circles.

  • Create your own Game Center - Use Applorer as your own, customized game center to bookmark, organize and track all games installed and uninstalled on your Android devices. Use Applorer to launch games on your Droid, even in offline mode.

  • More Categories - Applorer features more game categories, catered specifically for the avid gamer.

"Developers are constantly looking for new ways to inject social interaction into their games to increase engagement and, ultimately, monetization," continued Chua. "We believe it's the whole experience, from discovery to community and sharing, that appeals to gamers and engages them. It's our goal to make that experience easier and more fun."

Applorer is now available to download for free in the Google Play store ( For more information about Applorer, visit the company website,

About Applorer & Stream Media
Applorer is the leading app for free Android Games recommendations. Utilizing player profiles, histories, friend recommendations and proprietary algorithms, Applorer determines the personalized recommendations for the best free Android game apps, making the search for new games easier and more social. Founded in 2009 by Chua Zi Yong and based in Singapore, Stream Media is the developer of Applorer and MoVend, an in-app billing platform for games on Android and Windows Phones.


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