New Breast and Facial Augmentation Solutions for Layered Fat Transfer Procedures With ATGRAFT(TM) by American CryoStem

EATONTOWN, N.J., Dec. 18, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- American CryoStem Corporation (OTCQB:CRYO) a leading biotech company in the Regenerative Medicine industry is proud to announce its latest adipose tissue storage service platform designed for natural autologous layered fat transfer procedures, named ATGRAFT™.

ATGRAFT™ will be offered directly to cosmetic and plastic surgeons who participate in the increasingly popular fat transfer procedure market. This tissue storage platform gives physicians the ability to offer their patient's affordable and reliable solutions for multiple-layered fat transfer procedures by storing their adipose tissue.

Patients are continually seeking natural alternatives for breast and buttocks augmentations, facial enactments and hand volumizing procedures. With ATGRAFT™, a patient can undergo a standard liposuction and store their excess body fat as a natural biocompatible filler for a fuller, more natural look and feel for immediate or future use in cosmetic enhancement procedures.

Autologous fat transfer procedures have been used for many years with no commercially available solution for layered procedures that do not involve multiple liposuctions. Utilizing cryopreserved fat for multiple-layered fat transfers increases patient overall satisfaction and does not require a liposuction with each procedure. The ATGRAFT™ adipose tissue storage service comes "ready-to-use" and eliminates the significant expense to physicians in maintaining an FDA compliant on-site laboratory and storage facility to support advanced layering techniques.

American CryoStem's Medical Advisory Board member, an early pioneer of Liposuction and the originator of Fat Transfer, Dr. Mel Bircoll commented, "Given the ability to store and retrieve adipose tissue with confidence of sterility and purity, will greatly enhance the achievement of optimal contour and size in a host of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures."

"The ATGRAFT™ service is a welcome solution and easy opportunity for any surgeon offering or planning to incorporate fat transfer procedures into their patient services. The greatest benefit to the patient is, ATGRAFT is a viable alternative to reconstruction or enhancement procedure that normally incorporates artificial fillers and prosthetics." said Anthony Dudzinski, COO. "Our clinical tissue storage program supports multiple-layered procedures which produces the ultimate outcome for the patient as opposed to a one-time procedure which often results in overstuffing and sizeable tissue regression."

American CryoStem's ATGRAFT™ tissue storage customers also have additional opportunities to further process portions of their clinically prepared adipose tissue samples for future uses in Regenerative Medicine therapies or to create personalized skin care products made from their own adult stem cells.

Physicians that would like to offer ATGRAFT™ tissue storage services to their patients should call 732-747-1007 or email for an informational kit.

About American CryoStem: American CryoStem Corporation (OTCQB:CRYO) is a leading biotech company focused on marketing its clinical processing services and patented products for adipose (fat) tissue and adipose derived adult stem cells. Our clinical tissue processing, patented cell culture media products and tissue storage platform supports cosmetic and regenerative medicine applications being developed globally. The Company provides high quality, clinically processed viable cells, while at the same time developing cutting edge applications, therapies, patented laboratory products and services for consumer and commercial applications.


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