PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwire - Dec 19, 2012) - HealthTap (, the premier mobile health platform connecting users with top doctors and free answers to health questions, today launched a groundbreaking health experience to enable millions of people to finally realize their New Year's resolutions and health goals.

"Every successful health journey starts with a personal discovery, continues with interest and engagement, and results in a sustainable habit," said Dr. Peter Kurzweil, a leading doctor on HealthTap. "HealthTap supports every user's individual journey with a new design that makes it easier to navigate through health topics, uncover useful information, and discover relevant answers, even for users with no prior medical knowledge. By intuitively tapping through a dynamic image of the human body, users can engage in discovery, which is both educational and fun, and can help the user choose the right health resolutions and stick to them.

Whatever your goals for the New Year, more than 30,000 doctors across the country are standing by on HealthTap to provide you with free helpful information and support that can make your resolution a sustainable, healthy habit.

"As a child, I loved reading through the large volumes of my father's illustrated encyclopedia," said Ron Gutman, HealthTap founder and CEO. "With this exciting release we wanted to bring this same sense of joy, exploration and discovery to mobile health and well-being. We re-designed the HealthTap journey to be more intuitive, approachable, and fun. We've added thousands of healthy living topics and resolutions, alongside beautiful images, and doctor-created videos, to bring health information to life. Now, browsing through the HealthTap journey on my smartphone and tablets is not only reassuring and educational; it's as easy, informative, and fascinating as looking through an illustrated encyclopedia like a curious child."

HealthTap fundamentally believes that finding good health information can be interesting and reassuring rather than confusing and stressful. A user's journey to better health shouldn't cause 'cyberchondria,' but rather inspire motivation and hope. This holiday season, rather than immediately stumbling upon a "brain tumor" page while looking for information about how to get rid of a mild headache, HealthTap provides an easier path to well being with useful guidance from leading doctors for free.

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