EDMONTON, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Dec. 19, 2012) - Trinus Technologies, an Edmonton IT company is known for its planning services and for being one of the largest Dell retailers in Canada. Companies who choose Trinus might do so because their IT staff are overloaded with work or they may need a strategic plan for IT infrastructure. Trinus provides remote IT management, IT planning and supplemental maintenance services. The company is pro-planning when it comes to networking.

For companies that don't require or can't afford a full time IT manager, there is an alternate solution: call a company that provides Edmonton IT services and strategic network planning services. With remote IT management, a company can solve all network and support issues.

Trinus has been serving Edmonton and area for almost 15 years and has built software partnerships in Canada and the U.S. and as far as South Africa. Their global reach has garnered the company knowledge and expertise. The technicians are A+ Certified and they service over 100 municipalities throughout Alberta.

Trinus offers the following services:

- Computer and software retailer Dell, Microsoft, Adobe and more (offering a complete list of products)

- Computer Centre - diagnostics, system updates, recovery disc creation and more

- IT services - management, tech support, software supple, network audits

Contact Information:

Trinus Technologies